Heritage & Hate: The crossroads of Confederate Heritage and Hate Groups

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KUAR Correspondent Jacob Kauffman has filed a report on the tricky crossroads where Confederate Heritage meets up with Hate Groups.

"Mark Potok has been studying the intersection of what he labels extremist groups and Confederate heritage for two decades with the Southern Poverty Law Center.
“We see a mixing of people who are essentially well-meaning, who really do think of the confederate flag as representing what was attractive about the antebellum South. But there are a substantial minority of people who are mixing into these rallies and the movement as a whole who really are very extreme,” he said.
Potok and the SPLC consider the League of the South the premier neo-Confederate hate group. 
“Neo-secessionists have been working over the course of the last 15 years to take over certain kind of institutions to essentially magnify their powers. The most important of those struggles has been with the Sons of Confederate Veterans and that’s really never been resolved.”"

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"Arkansas Sons of Confederate Veterans communications officer Ron Kelley posted a message thanking the League of the South, in a list of several others, for their efforts. The message has since been taken down on the official Arkansas SCV website but it remains on Kelley's Arkansas Toothpick site, though slightly edited from the original. Kelly says he had nothing to do with the rally, no prior knowledge of the League of the South, and denounces its aims.
But Tom Bird, director of Heritage Operations for Arkansas SCV, does seem familiar with the LOS. He’s taken an active role in asking people to gather petitions over re-raising the flag, which they did. Bird also regularly promotes social media posts originating in white nationalist circles - including the League of the South flag, merged with a Confederate flag; one titled "White Genocide 101" stating "anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white"; and calling for Islam to be banned, not considering it a religion at all.
Bird has posted several times (here and here) linking President Obama to Islam and claims several high profile mass shootings were government hoaxes. He also has floated boycotting the new Star Wars movie for featuring a diverse cast in a film about a fictional galaxy far, far away that is populated with thousands of species - in the distant past." 

Restoring the honor! 


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