Hate Not Heritage: Racists plan new White Power/Confederate Heritage rally, march and concert for Stone Mountain following recent successful collaboration

A White Power rally, march and concert is now in the works following the Confederate Heritage movements recent successful rally in conjunction with the Ku Klux Klan. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

More details on the White Power/Confederate Heritage rally, march and concert being planned for April 23, 2016 at Stone Mountain. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

It would appear as thought the organizers are hard at work trying to secure some choice entertainment for everyone, and by that, we mean Neo-Nazi Hatecore bands.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

So far, at least two Confederate Heritage powerhouses have signed on to the Neo-Nazi, Klan, and Confederate Heritage event, namely Steven Monk and (Name redacted by request).

Well known Confederates sign on to an upcoming White Power hate rally being planned for Stone Mountain, Georgia in 2016. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

You remember Steven Monk, don't you? I know Connie and Susan do. Connie maybe a little better.

The dude with the flag is John Michael Estes seen here at this past weekends joint Heritage and Hate
rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia. (Images courtesy of Facebook)

But don't worry, because no one connected to Confederate Heritage knows (Name redacted by request).

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Oops! Oh well. At least one Confederate Heritage activist (aka Cuckfederate) named Wesley Sitton is now having second thoughts about the working relationship between Hate Groups and the Confederate Heritage movement. Sorry bud. You had your chance. Too little, too late.

Despite helping with the last White Power rally, Wesley Sitton is now having second thoughts, for all
the wrong reasons. (All images courtesy of Facebook)

Now we wait for Connie's excuses. 

Restoring the honor!


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    1. For this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xq0fRKkuhN0/VjhL35wr_xI/AAAAAAAAGLE/IF_Si4Jbm3Q/s1600/Susie.tiff

      "White Power!"


    2. Dear Rblee22468, My name is Alechia Daniell, Just to make the record clear. I accidentally signed up for a Rally at Stone Mountain, thinking it was like we had last year, Confederate Memorial Day Celebration. I respectfully ask you to remove my name from your post. When the error was brought to my attention, I removed myself from the event. I am sure you have made a few mistakes in your past. I am a devout Confederate with over 100 soldiers in my family who fought and died for the right to be free from tyranny. I have never had any involvement with the Klan. I honor my dead ancestors, write history and say daily prayers for our heritage groups, I clean Confederate dead graves, and place new flags. I will honor their Dignity and Memory till the day I die. I hope that you have loved ones in your life that you honor, if so then you will understand. Thank you for your time to read this, and again I have made it clear to my friends that it was a mistake as I did not read all about the rally. Best wishes to you sir. Alechia Daniell`

    3. "iralien2":

      I can't verify your identity as the individual you claim to be, however, I have gone ahead and complied with your kind request and removed the name from the post. Take care.


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