Hate Not Heritage: "Confederate Heritage" bozos rally with hate group members and supporters in Fredericksburg, Virginia

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Continuing to prove to the public that they aren't racist by rallying alongside members and supporters of an openly racist hate group, "Confederate Heritage" folks took to the streets of Fredericksburg, Virginia this past weekend to promote the League of the South's White ethnostate and secession message.

Flyer for White Nationalist rally disguised as "Confederate Heritage". (Image courtesy of Facebook)

The rally was a total flop as the rally organizers have been trying for months to ignite even a little interest with these rallies. Despite their half-hearted efforts, only about fifteen dupes were stupid enough to show up and support White Nationalism disguised as "Confederate Heritage".

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Even rain couldn't stop this ragtag bunch of pavement warriors. Led by "Dirty" Dennis Durham, the group of no more than fifteen stood around in the rain and held signs that read "Secede" and made silly hand gestures for the camera. No hearts and minds were changed, but that's ok, because the White Nationalist message of the League is what it's really all about anyway.

Jason Sulser seen here holding a League of the South sign that reads "Secede" clearly supports the groups White Nationalist message. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

The Confederate Heritage community is not afraid to show their support for White Nationalism as they frequently turn out for rallies being organized by the group Central VA Confederate Flag Rallies which is more or less (likely more) just a front group for the League of the South.

General Public - Rainy Days

Restoring the honor!


  1. These people appear to be harmless. They aren't randomly attacking people in a "knockout game" or burning cities... It's amazing what you are unhealthily obsessed with....

    1. Sure. Frazier Glenn Miller appeared to be harmless until the day he decided to go kill 3 Christians he thought were Jews.

      You are aware the League considers anyone non-White not to be Southerners even if they have lived every single day of their entire lives in the South right? You do realize that they are not fighting to create a Southern Nation that includes any of those people, don't you? How do you reckon they'll get rid of all of those people? I think someone tried this whole idea once before, it didn't go over too well for him. You like to make excuses for hate groups.

    2. I've never seen anything in League literature about getting rid of any groups; only securing a place for their own.I'll bet you can't see the difference....

    3. Oh we know, you never hear or see anything.

    4. Well, post it. Post where they say they're going to get rid of any groups except whites. Has to be official group policy, not some member's personal spouting off.

    5. Too address your earlier (what I'm going to refer to as a "point", for lack of a better word) point, you apparently haven't read anything about getting rid of any groups, according to you, only securing a place for their own. By their own, you mean White people, and White people only, because that's what they mean. Where do you suppose they are going to "secure" this area just for their own? Any clue? Last I checked nowhere in this country is off limits to any type of people. But, by securing this place of their own implies that others won't be there. So how does that work? You tell me genius. I can tell you what I know. Some of the big thinkers in "Southern White Nationalism" believe that once they have political control (of whatever area) that they are going to make living "unattractive" for those "other people". They theorize that once life is unattractive, those "others" will mostly self-deport from their new Nation, which many want to call "Dixie". They won't even acknowledge what would be reality though, which is, if this scenario ever could play out (which it can't and won't) it would be very, very messy. Tons of people would not have the desire and/or the means to leave. But what do minor details like that matter anyway?


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