False Hate Flag Operation?: A hate flag disappears in Danville, Virginia, but who's responsible?

The Reichstag Fire. (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

We have a hate flag down, in Danville, Virginia. An unknown person, or persons, has allegedly stolen a prominently placed Confederate Heritage hate flag in Danville, Virginia.

We hope the police catch the culprit(s) and justice is handed out swiftly.

The Virginia Flaggers certainly are protected by the First Amendment, and they have every right to fly their hate flags on private property. After all, this isn't Dixie, it's America (and we're thankful for that).

Some have suggested that the persons responsible for the alleged theft can be found on the Left of the political spectrum. While others have speculated that the Virginia Flaggers might have staged the hate flag theft for sympathy.

Some have even speculated that a Confederate Apologist, much like the alleged Walmart Confederate Heritage Bomber may be responsible for the theft of the flag, after stewing in their own butthurt over Walmarts decision to stop selling hate flags.

Whatever the truth may be, we all need to respect each others First Amendment rights. I totally respect the Virginia Flaggers First Amendment right to spread their hatred, and I expect that they will respect my First Amendment right to tell you about their hatred. That's how free speech works. We don't have to agree, but we do need to respect each others rights.

Have you seen this hate flag? Please call the Danville Police Department at 434-799-6510. (Image copyright Denice Thibodeau/Register & Bee) 

Via godanriver.com:

"Beverley Richardson reported the Third National flag of the Confederacy missing from its flagpole overlooking the south end of the Robertson Bridge to Danville police Monday.
Richardson said he saw the flag Monday, flying from property he purchased on Wood Avenue in August and transferred to the Last Capital Acquisitions LLC.
On Tuesday, the flag was missing, Richardson said.
“I saw it was missing Tuesday morning,” Richardson said. “Somebody climbed the pole and took it down.”
Cpl. R. McCormick confirmed the theft was reported to the Danville Police Department on Tuesday.
Bill Soyars, who identified himself as a member of local heritage groups, said stealing the flags being put up by the Virginia Flaggers and Last Capital Acquisitions would not stop the effort to raise Rebel flags in response to the removal of a flag on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion in August.
Since then five large Confederate flags have appeared in prominent locations around Danville, most recently a 20-foot-by-30-foot battle flag atop a 90-foot flagpole along the Danville Expressway.
“We’re going to keep putting them up,” Soyars said."

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the missing hate flag or the identity of the person or persons who removed it, please contact the Danville Police Department at 434-799-6510.

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