Crocodile Tears: Fired Anniston, Alabama Police Officer Josh Doggrell speaks out

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Fired Anniston, Alabama Police Officer Josh Doggrell is speaking out in an Op-Ed piece published by the Anniston Star. Ex-Neo-Nazi Michael Cushman is calling Doggrell's firing "political persecution". Doggrell writes:

"The SPLC likes to play the guilt-by-association game in its smear campaigns by comparing any conservative group to the Ku Klux Klan or neo-Nazis. I do not have the space to dismantle this tactic here, so I will just say the League is not the Klan. Its Core Beliefs Statement, which is League policy, is available for perusal. The League does not condone violence (except in self-defense) and does not advocate illegal activity."

That's right. The League of the South does not condone violence or advocate illegal activity, such as shooting bacon balls out of a potato gun onto a Mosque (possibly could be considered a hate crime).

Harold Ray Crews contemplates how best to propel bacon balls onto a Mosque. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Just like the League would never consider gaming the Welfare system to raise money to fund a hate group.

Harold Ray Crews contemplates using Welfare for a "cause". (Images courtesy of Facebook)

Read Doggrell's entire Op-Ed here, but warning! Get your tissues ready. It's a weeper!

Restoring the honor!


  1. Replies
    1. I read just fine.

      I will obliterate your b.s. Klan post tomorrow. Too much going on today to get to it, but good things come to those who wait. You'd better get your excuses and lies lined up now, you're going to need them.

    2. What's baloney? You're impending obliteration and public humiliation?

    3. No, your inability to read and understand Mr. Doggrell's op-ed.

    4. I understand it just fine. It's his opinion and he's entitled to it. I wasn't in the courtroom for the proceedings, but from everything I've read and watched, I don't think he will be getting his job back. That doesn't mean that he couldn't win a Civil suit, but my opinion is, he isn't getting his job back.

      I think that this is an important lesson for anyone who is considering getting mixed up with a hate group. I know where I work, a gentleman was fired within the last year for racial comments, and he was not at work at the time. He didn't get his job back, and it was much less evidence than what they had against Doggrell.

      These are all just my opinions and they don't really mean diddly-squat. Maybe he will win after all. Who knows? The bottom line is that people should think very carefully about who they mix themselves up with and what they say in public. Just because you have a right to say something does not mean that you are completely immune from bad consequences. There are limits to free speech as you are finding out. I don't think because there are limits to free speech that we have a lack of freedom. I just ran out and bought some iced tea. I didn't have to ask permission of anyone. I wanted tea, so I went and got it. Kind of silly for people to exaggerate about reality. Life is really not that bad, you guys just love to be permanent victims (since 1865).

    5. ".... people should think very carefully about who they mix themselves up with and what they say in public." Especially if who they "mix themselves up with" are people targeted by the totalitarian left. There was a time in the country when most people respected, "I may not agree with what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it." Now people want to control speech because they want to control thought and the want to control what happens to people they don't like or disapprove of.

    6. That you are writing in this comment section is a testament to what an enormous liar you are. No one is curtailing your free speech. You just don't like it that you can't be as open about your hateful beliefs any longer.


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