Confederate Heritage Terrorism: Alleged Mississippi Confederate Heritage activist makes good on "harmless" online threat, shared Virginia Flagger and Sons of Confederate Veterans posts on social media

Alleged Mississippi Confederate Heritage Terrorist, Marshall Leonard. (Image courtesy of Fox 13 Memphis)

"Police: Man threw bomb into Wal-Mart because chain quit selling Mississippi flags
TUPELO, Miss. — A man who's known for flying a 4-foot-long Mississippi state flag on his car has been accused of bombing a Wal-Mart because the chain stopped selling the flag, the police chief said Monday.
The explosive made a loud bang but did no damage when it was thrown early Sunday into the 24-hour Wal-Mart in Tupelo, Police Chief Bart Aguirre said Monday. He said bomb technicians reported that the package held enough explosive to damage the store if it had been assembled differently."

Marshall Leonard shares a meme on Facebook that reads "#IamAChristian". (Image courtesy of Facebook)

"Marshall E. Leonard of Tupelo, a northeast Mississippi city of 34,500, was jailed on a charge of detonating an explosive, and police were searching his car and home, Aguirre said.
Wal-Mart is among retailers that stopped selling merchandise bearing reproductions of the Confederate battle flag — which makes up the upper left section of the Mississippi state flag — after the June 17 killing of nine black worshippers at a church in Charleston, South Carolina.
Some Mississippi cities and institutions also have stopped flying the state flag."

An eerily cryptic Facebook post by alleged bomber Marshall Leonard hours before detonating an explosive device at a Walmart. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

""He's a strong supporter of keeping that flag flying. ... This is his way of bringing attention to that," Aguirre said.
Leonard did not yet have an attorney who could comment Monday, Aguirre said. His bond hearing probably will be held Tuesday, and the judge will appoint an attorney if Leonard, who lives alone and has no job, cannot afford one, the police chief said.
Aguirre says Leonard allegedly lit a newspaper-wrapped package and threw it into the store around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.
"An employee was sitting the vestibule taking a break. He told the employee to run — that he was going to blow the place up. He throws this package into the front entrance of Wal-Mart. He flees and the employee flees," Aguirre said.
He said Leonard's silver Mazda is bedecked with stickers of the Mississippi state flag and the Confederate battle flag, and it sports a big state flag on a flexible pole. Leonard was arrested about 2 a.m. for running a red light near the Wal-Mart, Aguirre said."

Alleged Confederate Heritage Terrorist Marshall Leonard warned 2 months ago on social media that Walmart would be his "first target". (Image courtesy of Disqus)

The alleged bomber's social media accounts show that he wasn't much different then your average, run-of-the-mill Confederate Heritage Activist (CHA) in ideology. He was pissed about all things Confederate Flag, had taken on the role of permanent victim, and espoused threatening rhetoric (the type Connie Chastain portrays as harmless) including writing on Disqus within the last two months, "But since Walmart Started this whole mess, Their my first target." Here is a sampling of some of Leonard's online activity:

Alleged bomber Marshall Leonard shared a post by the political agitator Confederate Heritage group the Virginia Flaggers. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Marshall Leonard shares a Sons of Confederate Veterans post. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Alleged Walmart bomber Marshall Leonard with the White Confederate Heritage communities favorite Black prop HK Edgerton. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Marshall Leonard shares a League of the South hate group post about the Southern Poverty Law Center.
A comment under the post calls it a "Declaration of War" to which Leonard replies "Right On Allen!"
(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Marshall Leonard shares a discredited conspiracy theory post about Americans being forcibly implanted with RFID chips. These types of false conspiracy theory stories are shared rampantly on the far-Right and contribute to their extreme paranoia. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Alleged bomber shares a photo of Virginia Flagger head Susan Hathaway and
Alecia Daniell Nation flagging on top of Stone Mountain. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

We'll have more on Marshall Leonard tomorrow.

Restoring the honor!


  1. You poor thing, you're too old to have Alzheimers, De'Stroy... "The alleged bomber's social media accounts show that he wasn't much different then your average, run-of-the-mill Confederate Heritage Activist (CHA) in ideology." But he was different in ACTION, and similar ideology is nothing when action is so dissimilar. You poor thing, can you not discern this?

    1. You done playing victim already?

    2. Great point. You guys are harmless until you're not. I think everyone understands that.

    3. Sure Connie, he wasn't any different in thought or action until he threw the bomb. How many other supporters of the Virginia Flaggers are at that point? As shown here on this blog, the Virginia Flaggers openly support a KKK lead rally at Stone Mountain. How many violent people will be there?

    4. Good questions Champ. The Klan rally support perplexes me.

  2. You poor thing, you get less coherent with every post.

  3. How come you feature this bombing story but two months ago, you let this one go by without a peep? Do you not care when churches get bombed?

    1. There are a lot of things I don't talk about. This is my blog, and I'll talk about what I want. Go talk about what you want on your blog.

    2. Yeah, you don't care about churches getting bombed.... You're an atheist, right?

    3. That is a sick thing to say. Your small mind can't comprehend that because I don't follow any religion that I hate those who do. It's because you're convinced that you understand everything about me when you don't. Anyone that would bomb a Church, ANYONE is SICK. That doesn't mean crazy, just sick. You are out of line to suggest that I would approve of something like that in any way. You are so consumed by your own hatred that you can't ever even try to understand my position, which is, I don't really care what you believe. Hey, if you want to believe in Heaven and Hell and that you're going to be raptured, go for it. You're not hurting my feelings. I say worship however you want. But don't expect me to conform to your beliefs. I don't need religion to make me feel better about myself or validate my life. I encourage all humans to be kind and loving to all humans. You are a very sick person to even suggest that. Your Lord, if she or he or it exists will have judgement on you one day, so I'll just let them, they, it sort you out. You are a vile, cruel, and bitter old woman.

    4. By the way, there goes your small, prejudicial mind again, assuming I'm an atheist. I'm actually closer to agnostic with a touch of nihilism thrown in. Honestly, I just don't really care. Hence my philosophy, "I believe in swordfish", because, who cares?

      I think that you may be devoid of a human heart and are unable to feel human emotion.

  4. Anti-flag violence

    1. Yes, I saw this earlier posted by Arlene Barnum. I immediately thought something to be odd when she wrote that they could be "charged" with a hate crime when the title of the article said it could be "investigated" as one. Sounded to me like the jury was still out. I haven't read it yet. Let me have a gander.

    2. My initial reaction after reading it is that I still have many questions.

      1) Who started the fight? I haven't watched the video yet, but I'm always somewhat skeptical with video because they can be selectively edited. Does the video show everything from the time the White person left the hotel to confront the Black persons in the parking lot?

      2) It says it turned racial with slurs flying both ways. Is it possible the White men provoked the Black men? I don't know, not enough info.

      3) Was it even over a Confederate Flag? Inconclusive. The story also states there was thousands of dollars of welding equipment in the truck. Was it actually over that?

      I think that ANYTIME a Confederate Flag is in any way involved, people who are looking for sympathy for Confederates are quick to throw that in. Is that happening here? I don't know. So my reaction is like in any other legal matter, I'll await any potential trial before passing judgement. I will say though, it does not even seem from the info in the story that an arrest has even been made. At this point, I think it's way too early to go making statements like this was "Anti-Flag violence". Does the video conclusively answer any of my questions? You tell me. I'll watch it later.

  5. "radical Confederate Heritage group the Virginia Flaggers"

    Radical? Putting up flags is radical?

    1. Pretty normal stuff:

      Like I said, pretty normal:

      Normal stuff:

      You're the one assuming their so-called "radicalism" has to do with putting up flags.

      Just your average, every day Flagger group.

    -Radical?...or a very tame case of civil disobedience?
    -You indicate he is a member of the VA he? I've never seen a membership list of that group. Do you have one? Facebook "friends" or followers of some web page don't count.
    -Same question. Is Agnor a member of the VA Flaggers?
    I don't know of anyone who was shot while stealing a flag. I have seen people shot at or beat up for having a flag.

    1. By the way Gutter Ruffian:

      "While the Va Flaggers are dedicated to honoring the memory of Virginia's Confederate dead, we are proud to have, in our ranks, Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. The were recognized as follows:

      Jon C. Hatfield, Executive Director, Virginia War Memorial

      Jim Tingle, Sergeant, US Marine Corps Vietnam War Veteran
      Karen Cooper, US Army

      Jimmy Creech, US Army
      Thomas A. Morris, Sr. US Navy, Operation Nimbus Star/Nimbus Moon Veteran

      Jerry Howard, US Marine Corps
      Marvin Stalnaker, Sergeant, Virginia Army National Guard

      Hubert W. Cash, Petty Officer, US Navy, Sergeant, Virginia Army National Guard

      *Lt. Col (Ret.) Al Bruner, US Air Force, Panama, Gulf 1, Serbia, Somalia, 9-11, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Nobel Eagle, Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran

      *H.V. Traywick, Jr., Captain, US Army, Vietnam War Veteran

      *Not pictured"

      Wait, did that say "Our Flaggers"? Hubert Wayne Cash was included in the list? He's "among their ranks". Why don't you run along now. I'll just save this for the defamation suit so I can countersue.

  7. Yes, a very tame case. Don't all very tame cases end with the man's own child in tears because her father is such a total jerkoff? Only a radical would pull such a stunt with their own child present. What a douchebag. Spin it however you'd like.

    I guess you missed the photograph of him wearing the laminate with the groups logo and name? They probably give those out to everybody. Heck, even I have one, don't you? Why don't you prove he isn't? The Virginia Flaggers certainly haven't disputed it.

    When did I say Agnor was a member? It is radical because they won't remove their flag from his property, therefore offering their tacit support for his racist banning of Blacks from his property.

    Who said someone was shot? Not me. You have seen people shot and beat up? Like who? Name some names.

    You can call them whatever you like. I call them radical agitators. I don't know of any other Confederate group who does dumb stuff like attaching flags to helium balloons and offering ultimatums to City Councils.


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