Confederate Heritage crybabies reportedly issue threats to organizers of a Veterans Day parade which was to include Muslim-American Veterans

Journalist Lauren Partain reports that parade organizers in Tulsa received threats from opponents of a Veterans Day parade which was to include Muslim-Americans. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Confederate Heritage tolerance strikes again.

"TULSA - The inclusion of a Muslim group in this year's Tulsa Veterans Day Parade has sparked backlash, which now includes anonymous threatening phone calls to parade organizers.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations Oklahoma (CAIR-OK) announced that it's creating a float for the November 11 parade. Criticism began immediately, both on social media and through phone calls.
"One threatened a beheading," said organizer Mike Callahan with the VFW who answered phone calls from people angered that a Muslim group will march for veterans. "Most are upset, but talking to them, you can calm them down."
The range of outrage varies. Some are more measured, like Vietnam vet Tom Martin. He said he doesn't advocate a boycott of the parade like he's seen calls for on social media. Instead, he hopes the controversy will cause CAIR to back out of any future parades.
CAIR board member and U.S. Army Reservist Raja'ee Fatihah said CAIR has wanted to join the parade for a while and this year gained the resources and people to build a float.
"I wanted to do something bigger than myself and be of service to my country and the people," he said. "Honestly, people don't realize how often they come into contact with Muslims on a day-to-day basis."
"I've been around some [Muslims] and I'm just leery of them because I just don't believe in their way of life," Martin said."

Did you hear that? Hillbilly Bob has been around some of them there's Muslims, and he don't think like they do, therefore they are da Devil. LOL!!! Confederate Heritage at it's finest on display. "Leery". That's one way to put it. Another would be that you are an Islamophobic piece of excrement.

Arlene Barnum, the woman behind drumming up the extreme Anti-Islamic hate on the Confederate Heritage fringe. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

"Fatihah said joining the parade is not political, but rather patriotic.
"Just actively being engaged and thanking our men and women in uniform. We think is a privilege and we'd like to be a part of that," he said.
Martin admits nothing CAIR says will lead him to change his mind.
"They are compelled to do anything they can say anything they can. Lie, cheat, whatever to get their word across until they get what they want.""

Yes, stop discriminating against dead people. I did not realize that corpses were turned away from participating in the parade. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

"Fatihah said not all of the feedback's been negative and he doesn't mind answering questions about Islam. He said one persistent falsehood– is that CAIR is somehow connected to the Muslim Brotherhood or other overseas groups.
"Some people will resist reason. They'll resist information that challenges the notions they already have. And for those people, there's not a lot you can do to change their mind," he said.
Callahan said parade organizers are working to develop new rules and regulations for parade entrants for next year in hopes of limiting mention of religious affiliation on floats.
This year's parade is expected to see an increase in law enforcement due to the uproar."

Here are some suggestions on how the Confederate Heritage observants of the parade should behave today from Arlene Barnum's Facebook page:

Take it from Randy Stone (aka Crazy), of Bedford, Virginia. He supports the Virginia Flaggers apparently, so it should be no surprise how he feels about Muslims or about how they should be treated.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Christine Corbino Hanna of Vicksburg, Mississippi has a better idea.

Christine has this all worked out. She even knows what Barnum should wear for all of the hate criming,... I mean, pork slinging.

Nothing offensive about that. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Wait, is that Randy again? Looks like Randy has a ham fetish.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Ah yes, Confederate Heritage tolerance. Gotta love it. Remember, freedom of speech and freedom of expression are only good things if they include worshiping a history of oppression and White Supremacy. I can't imagine where the threats are coming from. Good job Arlene! Looks like you accomplished your mission.

Restoring the honor!


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