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Hate Not Heritage: The Virginia Flaggers ignore the hate of their defacto spokesperson who lampoons people with speech impediments

In case you were wondering, it appears that there is no end to the depth of depravity of the Virginia Flaggers. Their defacto spokesperson Connie Chastain is now mocking people with speech impediments. Your hate is hilarious. Not.

Proving once again, it's about "Hate Not Heritage".

Everything is funny to the Flaggers, including mocking people with speech disorders. Disgusting!

Restoring the honor!

Hate Not Heritage: Virginia Flaggers supporters prove how not racist they are again by being racist while the moderators of the Virginia Flaggers Facebook page do and say nothing

Our favorite race baiting "Confederate Heritage" group is at it again. Feeding red meat to their merry band of White Supremacist followers. Personally, I think this is exactly the type of reaction they are hoping for

Civil War Crossroads has the history behind the monument and why the monument is important as it pertains to the "Heritage" that the Virginia Flaggers are fighting to protect. "Heritage" is nothing more than a codeword for White Supremacy.

Note: No proof has been provided that only African Americans were involved with this vandalism. See how a Virginia Flagger mind works? Sick!

(Black Guy)

Makes perfect sense why Flagger supporters are directing their rage only at African Americans.


Just moments ago, immediately preceding Connie Chastain commenting on this post, an unknown admin at the Virginia Flaggers Facebook page erased all 4 racist posts. …

The False, False Narrative: More of the type of "harmless rhetoric" Connie Chastain makes excuses for goes really, really wrong

Uh oh. It's happened again. More violent and racist rhetoric that doesn't mean anything, until it does.

Via the Southern Poverty Law Center:

"White supremacists involved in Minneapolis mayhem left behind a trail of emails, chat rooms, websites, reveling in the extremist right.The white supremacists who showed up to a Black Lives Matter protest Monday night in Minneapolis and shot five African-American participants were not there just by coincidence.As more facts emerge in the case, it’s now beginning to appear that not only was the attack a carefully planned attempt to disrupt the demonstration, but the men who participated in the shootings had been radicalized in the course of conversing on websites and in chatrooms where racist and other far-right extremist ideology flourishes. Indeed, the men began networking in real life as a result of their Internet hate mongering."

The article adds:

"As Travis Gettys at Raw Story reports, the men -- Allen Lawrence “Lance” S…

Developing: Colorado shooter was reportedly once a resident of North Carolina

So right now everyone is in the finger pointing stage. I don't have much to say about this until we know more. But here's something that we do know:

Via ABC News:

"The man who police say attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado had lived part of the time in a cabin with no electricity or running water in the North Carolina mountains."

"His neighbors in Black Mountain said Robert Lewis Dear kept mostly to himself. But James Russell said when Dear did talk, it was a rambling combination of a number of topics that didn't make sense together and he tended to avoid eye contact.Two topics Russell said he never heard Dear talk about were religion or abortion.Dear's cabin was a half-mile up a curvy dirt road about 15 miles west of Asheville. A cross made of twigs was nailed to the wall of the pale yellow shack on Saturday.Dear also spent time in a trailer in the nearby town of Swannanoa."

Many people are going to jump all over the news reports that p…

Code Racism: Fight over the racist symbolism of Stone Mountain set to intensify in coming months according to a new Guardian article

A new article by the Guardian reveals that a lawsuit is in the works aimed at forcing the State of Georgia to remove offensive symbolismfrom Stone Mountain. The article notes that there is no historical Civil War significance to Stone Mountain other than the memorial.

"Past the attractions and through the marketplace, Mattie Harris stood holding a measuring stick to check small visitors before allowing them into the holiday-themed “snow zone”. Behind her, the heroes of the Confederacy sat on their stone horses.“I don’t really know much about it. It’s my second day,” she said. She had never heard about the monument before she arrived there. “I try not to think about the negative.”The idea that the monument could become so banal, physically looming but mentally commonplace, alarms Rose, the NAACP head.“African Americans have a long history of adjusting, just getting by,” he said. The town of Stone Mountain – not the theme-park village, but the town around it – is 75% black. “It’s e…

Hate Not Heritage: The Virginia Flaggers break their silence over St. Paul's Episcopal Church's decision to remove Confederate symbols

H/T Mousy Tongue:

We've been waiting for the Virginia Flaggers to break their silence over a decision by St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia to remove symbols of the Confederacy. One Virginia Flagger, Hubert Wayne Cashof Fredericksburg, Virginia is so spitting mad, that he's says he has lost all compassion for the deaths of nine murdered African American churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina

This is the same Hubert Wayne Cash who thinks that Blacks should be put down like the dogs that they are. Oh, by the way. The Virginia Flaggers installed one of their hate flags on Cash's property.

They won't acknowledge his racism, nor will theyremove their flag from his property. Instead, they have given their tacit approval of his comments by continuing to keep their flag firmly planted in his ground. I know, I know. We're making all that up.

Remember the comments of Hubert Wayne Cash the next time you're driving down I-95 and you pass the Virgin…

A heartwarming statement from Susan Hathaway

I'm sorry. Jason who? You mean, this guy?:

Same guy? What do you think?

Lest we forget that the Virginia Flaggers helped advertise this Klan organized rally.

Just more lies we are making up. It's all lies folks. The entire Virginia Flagger empire is secretly run by Marxists to make Confederate Heritage look bad. By the way, in case you forgot, the Klan is organizing another Confederate Hate/Heritage rally at Stone Mountain, only difference is, this one is "openly White Power".

Don't forget to sign up like some Confederate Heritage activists already have, even if only by mistake. LOL!!!

Restoring the honor!

Is it time for the Virginia Flaggers to institute a Confederate draft?

You may recall that following the vandalism of a Confederate monument in Richmond, the Virginia Flaggers immediately mustered the troops and instituted a "Monument Guard" force to protect the venerated symbols of the South. 

Recently, it was alleged that an unknown culprit "stole" one of the Virginia Flaggers hate flags in Danville, Virginia. We waited for General Hathaway to rally her reserve forces into action, but it does not seem that the Virginia Flaggers have enough troops. You may recall that the Virginia Flaggers predicted just the other day, that their "enemies" would strike "soon", and yet no "Flag Guard" has been called up by the commander. Is this dereliction of duty, or does General Hathaway just not have enough troops to fight multiple battles all at once? Could it be time for a Confederate draft, or will history repeat itself, and will the Confederacy once again resort to a Hail Mary pass and open their ranks up to Afri…

An anniversary to remember: The 100th Anniversary of the re-founding of the Ku Klux Klan atop Stone Mountain

On this date in 1915, the Ku Klux Klan was re-founded atop Stone Mountain, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia by William Joseph Simmons.
Via Wikipedia:

"While convalescing in 1915 after being hit by an automobile, Simmons decided to rebuild the Klan which he had seen depicted in the newly released film The Birth of a Nation directed by D.W. Griffith. He obtained a copy of the Reconstruction Klan's "Prescript," and used it to write his own prospectus for a reincarnation of the organization. Simmons' planning took place during a period which coincided with the lynching of Leo Frank, on August 16, 1915. Frank, a Jewish northern industrialist, had been convicted of murdering Mary Phagan, one of his young factory workers. When Frank's death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by the outgoing governor, the public was outraged. Frank was taken from prison and lynched by a mob, calling themselves the Knights of Mary Phagan."

"As the nucleus of his revi…

This Thanksgiving, love (and turkey) conquers hate

As we all pause today to give thanks for everything good and wonderful in our lives, I'd like to take just a moment to acknowledge the small olive branch extended by Connie Chastain on her blog Backsass, in which she wished a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, including what she calls "floggers" and "floggerettes". Thank you Mrs. Chastain, Happy Thanksgiving to you, and the entire Confederate Heritage crowd too
One thing of note that I would like to share is the statement released by a touring member of the band Eagles of Death Metal, Julian Dorio. The band was playing a show in a Paris venue which was attacked by the terrorists. They lost members of their own touring crew in the attack. Thankfully, the band escaped unharmed. Since the attack, the band has made multiple statements expressing the fact that even though we as humans have knee-jerk responses to bad things, when we engage in the same type of hate that drives terrorists, we lose. Love is the only way…