Virginia Flaggers put out call for followers to "Rise Up" against Governer Nikki Haley, they respond by calling her "dot head" and implying women belong in the kitchen

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When the Virginia Flaggers put out a public call for their followers to "Rise Up", you can be sure of one thing, the response is going to be despicable.

Sam Story wins the award for most racist comment.

Don't you women know your place? Now, get in there and make them's thar Flaggers some sandwiches. They's hungry. NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM...

You tell 'em Steve Hall!

Apparently, to some supporters, Haley is nothing more than a female dog.

At least one follower has decided to hold her tongue.

Please, don't hold back on our account.

When all else fails, you can always revise history. And the Virginia Flaggers know a thing or two about that.

"It was a dramatic turnabout for Ms. Haley, a second-term Republican governor who over her five years in the job has displayed little interest in addressing the intensely divisive issue of the flag. But her new position demonstrated the powerful shock that last Wednesday’s killings at Emanuel A.M.E. Church have delivered to the political status quo, mobilizing leaders at the highest levels."

"Interviews suggested that Ms. Haley’s rapidly evolving position on the flag was shaped by several factors: the horror of seeing the unsmiling gunman posing with it in photos; her conversations with congregants at the church; intensifying pressure from South Carolina business leaders to remove a controversial vestige of the state’s past; and calls from leaders of her own party, including its leading presidential contenders, urging her to take it down once and for all."

Restoring the honor!


  1. Where were you when this was going on? Your selective "outrage" is nauseating. You don't care about Nikki Haley being disrespected. You only care WHO is doing it...


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