The Softball Game: WAFF 48 comes up short in investigative report on an Alabama State Auditor tied to a hate group

(Image courtesy of WAFF 48)

WAFF 48 filed this report on Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler, who has ties to the hate group the League of the South. While the piece is much better than most of the garbage passed off as news, it still misses the mark because the reporter still failed to ask any tough, pointed questions of Zeigler, or the leader of the hate group, Michael Hill

"A ‘Sunday school picnic’ is how Alabama state auditor Jim Zeigler describes his meeting with a Southern Poverty Law center identified hate group.
We spoke to Zeigler shortly after we learned of his meeting with the League of the South. Zeigler called the group ‘salt of the earth’ people.  But the SPLC describes them as a neo-confederate secession group.
Ties to the League of the South led to the firing of an Anniston, AL police officer. So how does a cop get fired and Zeigler doesn’t even get a reprimand?
The main difference is Zeigler said he’s not a member of the League of the South and the Anniston police officer was."

The WAFF 48 report continues:

""Perhaps he would like to define a group whose leader says that the South is our land, the white man's land, in his very own words,” said the SPLC’s Mark Potok.
After repeated phone calls to the League of the South, we spoke to their leader, Michael Hill, on the phone Thursday. He said he wears the SPLC's "hate group" label as a "badge of honor." In 2011 Hill spoke to us on camera after the SPLC put them on their annual nationwide Hate Group watch list.
"We want an independent southern republic,” Hill told us during the 2011 interview. “We want to rule ourselves."
And the League of the South leader didn't stop there about his group and his thoughts about the SPLC.
"We’re a love group. We love the South, we love our traditions, we love our people,” said Hill. "I think the Southern Poverty Law Center is being a bit ingenious here. They're the real haters."" 

Restoring the honor!


  1. 'Salt of the earth’ people and neo-confederate secession group -- aren't mutually exclusive.

    1. Did you just call them
      Neo-Confederate? They are not going to be happy about that.

    2. Sigh.... I quoted the article. Grow up.


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