Sold Out by the SCV?: Cuckfederate butthurt in Batesville, Arkansas

EM Cavin Jr. with LOSer RG Miller in Batesville, Arkansas (Image courtesy of Facebook)

"INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, Ark. - The flagpole outside the Independence County Courthouse is again flag-less.
"I think it's kind of sad," said neighbor Pauline Sturch.
Sturch often walks by the Confederate monument on East Main Street and said she enjoyed the older flag flown because she had relatives who fought in the Civil War. 
"I think it should be up," said neighbor Elaine Sweet. 

But not all felt the same. 

Officials say an FOI request from local attorneys had the potential to cause conflict at future quorum court meetings. So they decided the flag had to be taken down.

"It didn't bother me at all. I don't care," said neighbor Tiffany Dickinson. 

Some neighbors don't mind.  Officials said they didn't want the town divided or businesses to be affected. 

"I'm sure they were just trying to make the best decision for the public and save themselves some trouble," said neighbor Ashley Ratcliff. 

The pole that was barren for months before the older version of the flag flew is now repeating history. 

"I don't think it's offensive, but I'm sure some other people think it's offensive," said Ratcliff. 

As others wish the flag pole would remind them of their own personal past.

"The flag hasn't done anything bad. Maybe somebody who did something bad with it, but the flag has not done anything bad," said Sweet. 

The Sons of the Confederate Veterans is the group that put up the flag. 

They said when it went up if there was any backlash it would come down without fuss."

An empty SCV flagpole in Batesville, Arkansas. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Cuckfederates are seriously butthurt! Apparently, the Sons of Confederate Veterans are in hiding.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Can anyone save Confederate Heritage?

Restoring the honor!


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