Ku Klux Pity Party: Klansmen arrested at University of Mississippi on alleged gun charges

League of the South's Jeremy Walls (Far Right with blue sign) protests at University of Mississippi with International Keystone Knights Klansman Shaun Winkler (Center with neon green sign). (Image courtesy of The DM Online)

Via The DM Online: 

"Two members of the International Keystone Knights were handcuffed and led off campus Thursday night after police found two guns in the members’ vehicle following a pro-flag protest after a faculty senate meeting.
The Knights were protesting in front of Fulton Chapel following the faculty senate vote to adopt a resolution encouraging the University to remove the Mississippi flag from campus.
University police responded quickly to the protest, using physical barricades to separate the protesters from any bystanders."

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

"The six members protesting held signs saying “If diversity wins we all lose,” “Black lives don’t matter” and “Keep the flag,” and two Confederate flags.
After about 15 minutes, UPD escorted four of the members to their vehicle parked in the Honors College parking lot. UPD searched the members’ vehicle where they found two guns. There were two loaded shotguns in the vehicle and the two members arrested were Kyler Campbell and Virgil Dennison, according to member Shaun Winkler."

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

"Winkler said the officers said they had probable cause to search their vehicle because there was not a parking permit on it and while looking for the permit they saw the guns in the backseat. University police declined to comment.
Winkler said at least one of the members has a permit for his gun and the group did not know they were not allowed to have guns on a college campus.
“I was disappointed with the administration of the University and how they handled that situation,” Winkler said. “They were censoring all of our right to free speech.”"

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Awww. Poor babies. That's too bad. :(

(Image courtesy of Go Fund Me)

Call me crazy, but I don't think this Go Fund Me campaign is going to last very long. Just call it a hunch.

Restoring the honor!


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