Hate Not Heritage: Odyssey article on failed dual hate group protest at the University of Mississippi

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

“With shirts emblazoned with the title “International Keystone Knights” and equipped with every variation of the Confederate flag possible, a band of Confederate supporters marched onto the Ole Miss campus the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 16. This organization is part of the Ku Klux Klan, the notorious group of white supremacists who terrorized minority communities, specifically the black communities during the Jim Crowe and Civil Rights eras.”

League of the South member Jeremy Walls in his "White Power" ball cap. (Image copyright Darby Hennessey/Odyssey)

“One man, holding a sign bearing the message “SECEDE” and a hat reading “White Power,” stood at the forefront of the KKK group and talked to the media and responded to questions from the crowd. “We’ll fly our flags where we want, how we want,” he said. “You’re so afraid of a flag.” 
Several other Knight members shouted out things to the crowd, such as “Black lives don’t matter,” in response to one of many posters in the crowd bearing the slogan “Black Lives Matter.” Other posters proclaimed, “Fins up, flag down,” and “Your silence won’t protect you.””

League of the South member Jeremy Walls and members of the International Keystone Knights led by Shaun Winkler. (Image copyright Darby Hennessey/Odyssey)

“The crowd was eventually broken up because it was disturbing classes on campus. But the Knights and their leader Shaun Winkler said to expect more pro-flag supporters at the ASB meeting about the issue on Tuesday.”

Restoring the honor!


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