Hate Not Heritage: Klansman who protested with a League of the South member at Ole Miss says they need a "thousand more soldiers" like "young hero" and alleged mass murderer Dylann Roof

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Eventually, Confederate Heritage groups may join us in denouncing hateful rhetoric like this disguised as "Confederate Heritage". The problem is, some Confederates think like this sick individual, and the groups they belong to would rather sit idly by and let them spew their hatred then cause any ripples in the water. Some groups, like the Sons of Confederate Veterans issue meaningless proclamations denouncing hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan (which some believe are actually only issued to shield them against charges of being "racist" themselves), but then turn a blind eye to their actual hatred, and do nothing to stop them from joining them at rallies.

Klan members protest at Ole Miss with the League of the South carrying multiple
styles of Confederate Flags. (Image courtesy of the League of the South)

They are scared to death to shun people who espouse sick hate speech like this, and some think the reason why is because they will lose support for their own groups efforts. One such rally is quickly approaching. We'll be telling you all about that, and all about who's coming to the party very soon. You won't be surprised.

Jeremy Walls of the League of the South protests at Ole Miss with the
Ku Klux Klan. (Image courtesy of the League of the South)

"We need a thousand more soldiers like this young hero and perhaps we will start getting somewhere."

These are the comments of Shaun Winkler, a Klansman who attended a protest at Ole Miss on Friday with Jeremy Walls of the League of the South, which accompany a photo of accused mass murderer Dylann Roof.

Klansman Shaun Winkler at far Left in White t-shirt. Winkler has the Aryan Nations symbol tattooed on his Right forearm. (Image courtesy of the League of the South)

Aryan Nations symbol. (Image courtesy of Deviantart)

No one in the Confederate Heritage movement has spoken out against these groups appropriating their revered symbol, the Confederate Flag. We think that is because their claims of "Heritage Not Hate" are hollow. These individuals and groups do not mean one word of what they say, which is why groups like the Virginia Flaggers still fly a flag on the property of Hubert Wayne Cash who thinks that Blacks should be put down like the dogs that they are. Disgusting. Not only have the Virginia Flaggers not even acknowledged Cash's remarks, they refuse to take down the flag. Way to walk the walk, and talk the talk.

Restoring the honor!


  1. You can think what you wish, even when it is wrong. But why are the Virginia Flaggers any of your business?

    1. What do you care? Why is my business any of your business?

    2. Because your business effects more than just you when it comes to history and the rebel rag!

  2. So you're Facebook friends with Winkler, huh?


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