Confederate Heritage FAIL: South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley vindicated for removing Confederate Flag as 2/3rds of South Carolinians tell pollsters they support the flags removal

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

Via the Washington Post

"A majority of South Carolinians, including pluralities of both whites and blacks, now say they support state lawmakers’ removal of the Confederate battle flag from state house grounds, according to a new poll.
The results suggest an about-face in public opinion following a church massacre of nine African Americans by a shooter who apparently embraced the banner and the racism that, for some, it connotes.
In a Winthrop University poll, 66 percent of South Carolina residents said the state legislature made the right decision to remove the Confederate flag, while 30 percent said it was the wrong decision and 5 percent had no opinion. Although several national surveys have gauged attitudes on the issue, the new poll is the first live-interviewer South Carolina survey published since a tense debate over removing the flag.
The survey marks a major change from a Winthrop poll last year, which found that residents preferred to keep the flag aloft rather than take it down by a nearly 2-to-1 margin (61 percent to 33 percent). When a similar question was asked in the latest survey, the margin was about 2 to 1 in opposition to the flag flying (61 percent to 32 percent)."

(Image courtesy of the Washington Post)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Poll is suspect. Sampling too small. Poll sponsor = academic establishment. Other problems.... So, poll is suspect.

  2. Connie is suspect. Brain too small, Sponsor is the League of the South a hate group....So Connie is suspect

  3. Only suspect because it included blacks who were more likely to say get rid of the rag, right KKKonnie?

  4. I suspect the poll is fairly accurate and that the recent debate has swung the pendulum of public opinion away from support of the flag.

  5. I have no sponsors, Corey -- and you're still using fraudulent profiles after saying you don't. You're a continually proven liar. No, Jimmy Dick. Can you not read? I clearly gave my reasons for thinking why the poll is suspect -- too small a sampling, and has establishment academia's hands all over it. Establishment academia = ultra left. The *debate* may have swung because the left is making a very open, visible war on Confederate heritage but that doesn't mean *public opinion* has been swayed. In fact, it isn't the public making war on heritage -- it's politicians, academia, the media, retailers interested only in making a buck, special interest groups, leftist activists, etc.

    CNN's poll taken AFTER the Charleston tragedy is more accurate and reflects that public opinion hasn't changed much over several decades. Support for the flag has fallen just a little, due to the ongoing war on heritage, which got stepped up after Charleston. But this poll is just hilarious; an attempt to undo the animosity Haley created for herself, or at least to disguise it, and save face in the aftermath -- i.e., the outpouring of support for the flag and heritage, the physical attacks on heritage supporters, the vandalism, arson, violence... It's as clear as glass, this is an attempt cover Haley's bootay ... ain't working.

    1. "CNN's poll taken AFTER the Charleston tragedy is more accurate"


    2. CNN -- 1. Larger sampling. 2. Not a drastic deviation from what the numbers have always been. 3. CNN was expecting a different outcome, which was probably why they ran the poll to begin with. But they had to report what they found because they had to identify themselves -- a world known news organization -- to the respondents. Not a lot of wiggle room for cooking the books.

      This new poll smells like it's trying to substantiate a pre-decided conclusion. Nikki has become extremely unpopular, and these folks are trying to build her back up. But people simply don't change entrenched opinions that fast and that much, even when there's been some new influencing element.

    3. Has she really became unpopular or do you live inside a bubble isolated from the rest of the world?

    4. Yes. It wasn't that long ago that she announced no intention of moving the flag from the Confederate memorial on the capitol grounds, because no business execs thinking of moving to SC ever mentioned it. Now, even people who wanted the flag to be gone see she is a political opportunist not above using tragedy to enhance her political aims.

    5. Does anyone know why Connie refers to me as Corey. I know she has lost many battles with someone named Corey, but I am not him/her. So why does she call me Corey?

    6. I think she has eyes for you Champ.

    7. I just threw up a little in my mouth. Cut that out!

  6. Well KKKonnie, since I know more about statistical research than you do I think I will go with the poll. The sample size is not an issue in polling. It is the sample demographics itself which can make or break a poll along with other factors such as we have seen in presidential polling where data collection methods resulted in skewed results. An example would be only using landlines for gathering data or using all respondents for determining likely winners of an election. This is a valid poll and it shows quite a bit of information.

    The public opinion has changed and you just do not like it. That is not surprising. You object to everything that you don't like and refuse to accept reality. So really, your opinion is pretty meaningless. The flag is down and where it belongs. The people of South Carolina can decide about the matter at the polls, but based on the numbers I would say the flag is only going to be an issue for a certain group of people and will not change their voting patterns.

    The modern GOP is going to reach a crossroads in 2016. The election is going to go badly for them and they will have to decide if they are going to continue to maintain an antiquated platform which the majority of voters reject or change to reflect the modern face of America. Issues like the CBF are part of the old platform of racism, discrimination, sexism, and exclusion. The nation is moving past those and is embracing inclusion. The GOP will do that as well or will wither and die as those people that embrace those negative values die off from old age over the next 25 years.


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