Confederate Cray Cray: Organizer of Batesville, Arkansas rally that included Hate Group speaker says gun confiscation by a "global police force backed by the UN" is imminent according to a "very high up the ladder" source in Washington, DC

Aaron Barner, the organizer of a rally in Batesville, Arkansas that included a speaker
from the Hate Group the League of the South. (Image courtesy of Facebook)


According to Black Confederate Heritage activist Arlene Barnum, a man named Aaron Barner organized a Confederate Heritage rally in which the League of the South Arkansas State Chairman RG Miller was a speaker.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

One born every minute. Aaaaaaaah... Jade Helm!

Nirvana - Dumb

Restoring the honor!


  1. I think I found his "source", the 'Ol reliable "ConservativeByte":

    Here's what's really happening:

    Looks like somebody is playing a little fast-n-loose...


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