A Separate and Distinct People: Do Confederate Heritage advocates have enough intelligence to interpret laws?

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Apparently not.

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Despite Mr. Bailey's ignorance of the law, Virginia State residents with the old style Sons of Confederate Veterans vanity tags ARE NOT and never were the owners of the tags. The tags belong to the Department of Motor Vehicles according to the Code of Virginia

(Image courtesy of the Virginia Legislative System)

Advising people to keep the recalled tags is telling them to break the law. According to the Suffolk News Herald:

"In September, the DMV mailed new plates to about 1,600 motorists who had the special plates. The plate still features the group’s name and a blue silhouette of Confederate leaders astride horses.
The letter accompanying the new plates told vehicle owners they had 30 days to display the new plates and return the old ones in a provided pre-paid envelope.
But Collier says he won’t do any such thing.
He’s not alone. According to DMV spokeswoman Katy Lloyd, only 163 pairs of plates had been returned as of Oct. 7. Seven had mailed back their new plates with “no thank you” written on the envelopes. Five had mailed back empty envelopes.
Some drivers have been returning their plates at DMV customer service centers or selecting a different design altogether, but Lloyd said she did not have numbers on those two groups. 
“While DMV hopes plates will be returned for recycling, the agency’s primary concern is making sure inactive plates are not on the road,” Lloyd said. It is a class 2 misdemeanor to operate a vehicle with inactive plates."

A similar losing battle for Confederate Heritage activists is brewing in the State of Maryland. Make a lot of popcorn!

Restoring the honor!


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