A passionate plea from legal expert Connie Chastain

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"There is a situation in the making that could shut down public support/demonstrations, etc., for Confederate flags and monuments, etc. In short, it could shut down Southern heritage activities, period, and begin the total erasure of Confederate heritage from the South.
Remember the incident (with video) back in July where people in pickup trucks with Confederate flags "crashed" a child's birthday party in Georgia? That incident has just resulted in Douglas County grand jury indictments against fifteen members of a Facebook group, Respect the Flag, for gang terrorism.
Look at it again, folks.
Video of the incident appears to show, at worst, disorderly conduct on the part of both the pick-up truck flaggers and those attending the party. But the truckers have been charged with gang TERRORISM.
The DA on the case is Brian Fortner. The Georgia law cited in the indictments is relatively new, and probably needs to be challenged in court ... but not with our folks! Even if it is thrown out, just the prosecution and negative publicity will serve to drive many people away from our movement, and we need every warm body we can get.
We must mobilize now to fight this tooth and nail. This is far more serious than taking down flags and moving statues. This is an attack on our PEOPLE using the power of the state. 
It goes without saying that if these fellows actually did this -- terrorize somebody -- they should be censured by heritage folks, but the notion of prosecution for TERRORISM must be challenged and defeated, regardless. Removed flags are nails in the coffin. Prosecution and conviction, especially if trumped up, ARE the coffin.
I am compiling all the info I have on this situation as of now, and I'm sending it to a few key leaders in our movement who can then pass it on to those they think need to know and can help. 
We need to be careful in our response, and careful who we seek help from. I love our passionate Southern men and women, but some of us don't think before we open our mouths (and I have to admit, some of us seem to not care what we say). This is far too important to blow it off with flippancy or to exacerbate with slurs or other negative responses.
The war on our heritage, which has frequently reached the level of infuriating, as suddenly become far worse for heritage supporters. Be aware that the ante for honoring your Confederate ancestors and their symbols has just gone up to a grave and terrifying level."

We're just going to leave this all here:

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Did they just say racial slurs? Uh-oh... Do you think they mean this:

"The convoy drove across the property where the party was being held and parked nearby. Witnesses told the SPLC that men got out of their trucks, brandished weapons and yelled racial slurs and threats. According to the witnesses, a few people yelled “fuck y’all niggers” and “shoot ‘em.” When someone from the party said, “There are kids here,” a person from the convoy yelled, “We’ll shoot those bastards, too.”"

Restoring the honor!


  1. SPLC version cannot be trusted. They lie for money. Their "intelligence reports" use anonymous sources. They have a history of being littered with manipulative language. http://mybacksass.blogspot.com/2010/07/intelligence-and-poverty-stricken.html

    The one about the Douglasville incident reads more like parody than objective reporting. There's a surreal quality to it, like reading The Onion. One might surmise the "writers" at the SPLC been doing this slanting, bias and lying for so long, they've developed a cynicism about it they don't even realize they have, but it comes through loud and clear in their report.

    Anyone who reads the Douglasville "report" and can't see the attempt to channel and bias their response with manipulative language is either being willingly duped, or they're totally clueless.

    Which are you?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Relying on an SPLC "investigation" is a serious mistake by the DA. With that group you are certain to have only one side of the case. Expect it to unravel when the other side has their say.

    3. You're making an assumption that the DA based his decision to prosecute solely on the SPLC investigation. Unless I missed it, I don't recall reading where he stated that is the case. The truth is, none of us know what the evidence is in this case. A grand jury felt that there was enough evidence for this to move forward, but these 15 are all still presumed innocent at this point. Despite your claim, the SPLC has a very high record of success in legal matters, perhaps you should do better homework? Me? I'm just going to wait for this to go to court before I settle on what to think of it. That's a sensible position for anyone to take IMO.

      Oh, by the way, I haven't forgotten about William Tappan Thompson. I did discover there was some validity to your claim, but you also were not one hundred percent correct either. I'll explain as soon as I have time to write it up,

    4. Certain folks here seem to forget that Law Enforcement has sought out the SPLC for information on groups like this a it was this that began the relationship that the SPLC and Law Enforcement has.

    5. They are in denial. The SPLC has much more pull then they are willing to let on, and they know it. They do make mistakes from time to time, but tell me this, have any of the groups won massive slander and libel lawsuits against them? I've not heard of any. You would think with all the cash we're told by people like John Hall, that they have sitting in the bank, that since they're clearly "lying", someone would have cashed in by now. Food for thought, they're full of ka-ka.

  2. By the way, I'm no legal expert, have never claimed to be. Your track record for lying about me continues.

    1. Oh Lordy. I'm just having fun. Don't worry, no one would ever confuse you for a legal expert.

    2. Lying is having fun to you. I'm not surprised; your whole blog shows this kind of lack of morality and integrity.

    3. Wait, do you mean like lying, as in creating a Go Fund Me page under false pretenses to raise money for a legal defense but then saying it's for a tire? Wink, wink. ;)


      Like that? Same thing?

    4. "Unfortunately gofundme won't let me go into detail but research the lies told on midIA about douglassville ga grand jury indictment we are family and can't afford representation to fight back against the law if you want more info on the true that please email at lbush7138@smail.pcd.edu
      Basically for go fund me reasons I need to raise 5 grand to repair my tire the was popped during this situation and my huge dent;)"

      Levi Bush

      Cited as not being allowed under Go Fund Me's Terms of Use:

      "Campaigns in defense of formal charges or claims of heinous crimes, violent, hateful, sexual or discriminatory acts
      Content associated with hate groups or terrorist organizations"

      Now, I may be no legal scholar, but I can read, and I have a sneaky suspicion that campaign is not going to be around long.

  3. Interesting I didn't know Connie was an expert on Georgia law...maybe the accused flaggers could hire her for legal defense...she does support their activities.

    1. Champ, I have it on good authority from deep within the Confederate Heritage "movement" that we need to "Resect The Flag.



  4. Connie say: "I am compiling all the info I have on this situation as of now, and I'm sending it to a few key leaders in our movement who can then pass it on to those they think need to know and can help."

    What it means is she will be in contact with Michael Hill of the League of the South and Kirk D. Lyons of the Southern Legal Resource Center...known supporter of the KKK and Virginia Flaggers.

    1. Kirk does have a very interesting past that no one in Confederate circles cares to discuss.

    2. Corey, your fixation with the League of the South is bizarre, and makes you look idiotic. I haven't been in contact with Dr. Hill in ages, have no reason to be. But if I did, I wouldn't hesitate to contact him.

      De'Stroy, I've discussed Mr. Lyons' past with him. He's a lot more truthful and honorable than you and your ilk, and has none of your hatred.

    3. Well I'm not sure what you mean by truthful and honorable, but what did he say? Did he mention any of this?

      "Around the same time, Lyons was identified as a member of the National Alliance, the neo-Nazi group headed by William Pierce, who wrote The Turner Diaries, the race-war novel Timothy McVeigh used as a blueprint for the Oklahoma City bombing. In a 1989 issue of the members-only National Alliance Bulletin, Pierce wrote that "Houston member Kirk Lyons, an attorney ... has organized the Patriots Defense Foundation as a start toward doing for our people what the Jews have done for our enemies." Pierce then suggested that members send donations to the PDF.In September 1990, a kilt-clad Lyons, only recently divorced, married the daughter of Charles Tate, at that time the second-in-command at AN. The service was held in the group's church, and, at Lyons' request, was a Scottish affair complete with bagpipes and an exchange of the tartans of the Lyons and Tate clans. His new wife, Brenna Tate, had grown up on the AN compound with her parents. Brenna's brother, David Tate, was an imprisoned member of the terrorist group The Order serving a life sentence in Missouri for the murder of a state trooper. Presiding over Lyons' wedding ceremony was none other than hatemeister Richard Butler. Lyons' best man was his old friend, former Klansman Louis Beam.”

      How about this?


      What do you think? Same guy?

    4. Yes, he did. He acknowledged and explained his past and what changed him, and I am more than satisfied with his explanation. You, on the other hand, are still busily engaged in drumming up hatred for, and possibly harm to, people who have done you no wrong.

    5. Changed him? In what way? Are you saying that he denounces Neo-Nazi organizations like the one he reportedly was a member of? We can both agree that the National Alliance is a repugnant Neo-Nazi organization, right?

    6. Connie...to bad you are lying about being in contact with Mike Hill, you comments fit in with theirs like a glove.

    7. I have noticed many similarities in her beliefs and the groups beliefs. It is no secret she has been a member of the group in the past. She definitely had a falling out with the group, but even so, she's the only person who comes here to defend them which I find odd for someone who supposedly doesn't support White Nationalism. Strangely enough, she has claimed that they aren't a hate group despite the leader of the group stating publicly many times that he wears that designation as a "badge of honor". I think her defense and excuse making is an attempt to minimize the bad publicity from the connections between that group and the VA Flaggers. It's a prime example of Cuckfederate cowardice.

  5. Stop your lies and persecution of heritage folks, take down your blogs, and maybe I'll consider discussing it with you.

    1. Let me think about that for a second. Yeah, ummm, nope.

      Why are you so adamant on defending them prior to seeing or hearing any of the evidence? It's entirely possible they're guilty as charged, it's also entirely possible they are innocent and will be acquitted. Despite your personal opinion of the SPLC (which I can't really figure out since you've not shown me anything to support any of your assertions about them) they say that they turned over videos to the prosecution and also brought forward witnesses. Do you think it's possible that you haven't seen the videos that were turned over? Is it possible they aren't the videos everyone has already seen which don't show much? Maybe there's more to this story? Ya think? Isn't it possible that you are basing your opinion on this, solely on scant facts and you're entirely wrong? I don't personally have an opinion either way as I haven't seen what facts will be presented in court. Don't you think that's a more sensible position to take, to withhold judgement until the evidence has been presented? I think so. Do you know what I think? I think there was an exchange of words both ways. Maybe someone got a little carried away. Maybe they weren't thinking about any ramifications from what they might have been saying. Maybe, just maybe they were completely ignorant of the law. So, if that's true, does that make them innocent? I think you know that old adage all too well, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

      I tried to warn against this exact thing when Brad wrote his famous blog post about these rallies escalating to violence. I think that was a pretty sick piece of writing that he did there. The problem as I see it is you guys have so many loose cannons running around, and really, who can be surprised? They sit around reading reams of propaganda in the form of blog posts and Facebook memes full of misinformation, tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, and macho-man bluster all day long. Eventually, they're so pissed off that when they are finally faced with some sort of avoidable confrontation, they go off. You can't even control your own people. They're out of control, just face it. Step back for just a second and really think about that, you know that's all true. It's ok, you don't have to admit it in front of all your buds, but they know I'm right about that too.

      And what in the heck happened to your buddy Brad? Man, he's really slippin'. Maybe it's just Daddy life getting in the way, or maybe the Alphabets knocked at his door after Dylann Roof popped off. Who knows? All I know is something is going on there, and I just have this strange feeling we're going to hear a lot more about just how influential all this coveted hate speech really is when Roof has his day in court.

    2. Let us see Connie defend Lyons after reading these...


    3. http://www.main.nc.us/wncceib/lyonssummarypage.htm

    4. I do believe in redemption. I'm also a natural skeptic.

    5. Corey/Champ/Liar... most of that stuff is old. It is what Kirk explained to me and others. The Sonia Scherr story is not sourced. She has a few quotes, but she does not identify where the bulk of her information came from. That is a hallmark of Southern Poverty Law Center writings; they very frequently do not identify their sources. Because of that, and because it's a product of the SPLC, I do not give it credence.

    6. Waving a flag, mouthing off and flipping the finger is not terrorism, De'Stroy. To call anything that happened that day "terrorism" -- the equivalent of ISIS chopping off heads, or Saudis flying planes into buildings -- is ludicrous. Besides, terrorism involves violence for the sake of achieving a political aim, so the Georgia law is misnamed because it does not include that component.

      I am waiting to see what else will transpire, but I expect the plan is to railroad these people. Nobody expected the outpouring of support for the flag and for Confederate heritage after Nikki Haley precipitated this war on them. Anti-flag and anti-heritage people are stung and angered by it. I believe these people in Georgia have been chosen to be made an example of because the black response to the support for heritage -- beating people up, attacking vehicles, property damage, theft, arson -- looks bad, so something must be done to make white folks look WORSE. And that is accomplished by taking their disorderly conduct and calling it terrorism.


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