White Nationalist William Flowers gives a speech at a Southern Heritage Festival in Smithville, Georgia

From L-R: White Nationalists Tony Hovater, Matthew Heimbach, Jules Jeric Corne, William Flowers. (Image courtesy of Arise Our Nation)

According to a post at his blog Arise Our Nation, William Flowers, the chairman for the Georgia Chapter of the White Nationalist hate group the League of the South attended a Southern Heritage Festival in Smithville, Georgia

"On August 29, 2015 the Georgia League of the South once again delivered the message of secession and Southern independence at a local Southern heritage festival hosted by DnD Productions in Smithville, Georgia.  This event provided an excellent opportunity for a joint effort involving both the League of the South and the newly formed Traditionalist Worker Party headed by Matthew Heimbach.  The turnout at the event was smaller than anticipated, but those in attendance were very receptive to the League’s pro-Southern message and literature, as well as being very eager regarding the pontential prospects of a new pro-secession political party.  We engaged the public very well and the sentiments expressed by all in attendance were very agreeable towards our endeavors."

The event was organized by Charles W. Hodges of Middleburg, Florida through his company DnD Productions.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

In addition to Flowers, who was given speaking time to spread the hate groups racist message, White Nationalists Matthew Heimbach, Jules Jeric Corne and Tony Hovater also made appearances. The two were seen tabling at the event, passing out hate propaganda and candy. Hovater is said to be the first White Nationalist candidate for political office being fielded by Heimbach's newest venture, the Traditionalist Worker Party. White Nationalists continue the push to make inroads into infiltrating mainstream Southern and Confederate Heritage events while those who claim it's about "Heritage Not Hate" prove that they are completely full of crap.

Facebook post by DnD Productions claiming they don't condone hate or racism despite hosting hate group members and giving them speaking time. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


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