We highly recommend that you go read Connie Chastain, Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers major messaging failure RIGHT NOW!!!

(Image courtesy of SouthsideCentral)

You need to read this thread, NOW!!!  FAIL! 

Restoring the honor!


  1. There's more to that thread ... lots more. Cherry pickin' -- the methodology of the dishonest.

    1. You ma'am are what is known as a mo-ron. I posted a link and invited people to read the entire thread.

  2. And you, sir or ma'am or whatever you are, are an inciter, attempting to provoke harm to those you disapprove of.

    You have no guarantee people will follow the link and read the entire thread but if they visited here they did likely see your dishonest, cherry picked quotes. BTW, I absolutely kicked bootay on that Southside Central thread.

    1. I fancy myself an "it".

      You kicked no such booty.


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