Code Racism: Virginia Flagger head Susan Hathaway advocates raising the "Black Flag" of domestic terrorist William Quantrill

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Surprise, surprise! Looks like Susie is a fan of a domestic terrorist. This via Susie's friend John, who remembers to share some things, and opts to forget others. Supporting the "Black Flag" is nothing short of code racism. It's pretty despicable, but what do you expect from the Virginia Flaggers?

"William Clarke Quantrill (1837–65) earned infamy during the Civil War for his atrocities against citizens and guerrilla warfare against Union soldiers. He served the Confederacy and perhaps hoped to secure high rank and recognition from its leaders. But Quantrill's activities indicated that he fought for plunder and personal revenge rather than from any commitment to the South. Born in Ohio, Quantrill headed to Kansas Territory at age eighteen and became embroiled in hostilities between free-state and slave-state forces. At that early date Quantrill easily changed sides, his sole concern being pillage. After the firing on Fort Sumter, guerrilla warfare rocked the border between Kansas and Missouri.
Quantrill retreated to Missouri in early 1861 and lived with one Marcus Gill. When Gill left for Texas, Quantrill followed. Quantrill soon moved on to Indian Territory where he befriended Joel B. Mayes, the future principal chief of the Cherokee Nation. Quantrill stayed with Mayes, learned Cherokee guerrilla tactics, and in August witnessed the Battle of Wilson's Creek in Missouri. He returned to the region around Jackson and Cass counties in Missouri and organized a group of irregulars. Because he could read and was an excellent shot and horseman, he became the gang's leader. Throughout 1862 Quantrill and his band of nearly two hundred men raided around Kansas City, Independence, and Olathe. They left Missouri and Kansas during the winter of 1862–63 to quarter in Indian Territory, in Arkansas, and in Texas. 
In 1863 Quantrill undertook the raids that made his name feared in the region. On August 21 his band torched Lawrence, Kansas, where they murdered some 150 citizens. Afterward, he and his men retreated to Texas via the Texas Road. En route they surprised Union troops under Gen. James G. Blunt at Baxter Springs, Kansas, in early October, killed about eighty Federals, and wounded eighteen. Quantrill reached Fort Gibson in Indian Territory on October 10, and his men killed twelve Union soldiers there. His band then joined forces with Col. Daniel McIntosh and Gen. Douglas H. Cooper. Here Quantrill wrote his only official report of the war. He claimed that he had killed 150 Negroes and Union Indians in the Cherokee Nation, and he signed the report "W. C. Quantrill, Colonel Commanding."
Quantrill and his men camped near Sherman, Texas, in late 1863 and mercilessly plundered the inhabitants. Confederate Gen. Henry McCulloch sent them into Indian Territory. In mid-December Quantrill and his men joined with Gen. Stand Watie for an attack on Fort Gibson. This foray achieved nothing, and it is doubtful that the raiders saw combat. About one week later Quantrill, Watie, and Col. William Penn Adair attempted to assault Fort Smith, Arkansas. Again, little action resulted, and Quantrill returned to Texas for the winter.
McCulloch lost patience with the outrages committed by Quantrill's men and arrested him. However, he escaped, took his band into Indian Territory, and joined General Cooper, who was plotting to take Fort Smith. They arrived near Fort Smith on April 6, 1864, but had no intention of assisting Cooper. Quantrill moved toward Fort Gibson and ordered nine civilians killed at the Creek Agency. A Confederate force raided near Fort Gibson on April 17, but Quantrill avoided the fight; he later outmaneuvered Union troops and escaped into southwestern Missouri.
Quantrill made an excursion into Texas in May 1864, believing that Confederate charges against him had been dropped and that he might be given a formal command. But a command was not forthcoming, and he went back to his band, whose leadership he had lost. He eventually took a small group to Kentucky to engage in guerrilla activities there; he was shot on May 10, 1865, and died in a Louisville prison on June 6, 1865. In August 1864 an action occurred above Fort Gibson between Federal troops and remnants of Quantrill's raiders. In this battle Jesse James was wounded and began his outlaw career.
Quantrill's reputation was made in the border war between Missouri and Kansas. His Indian Territory operations lacked importance and exhibited none of the dash that he had showed in Kansas. The reasons are twofold. First, Quantrill and his men needed familiar surroundings to implement their guerrilla tactics. Indian Territory was alien to them, and they avoided conflict there. Second, Indian Territory did not have Unionist population centers that were ripe for his kind of terrorism. For Quantrill and his men, Indian Territory served as an escape route, not a field of action."

Quantrill's Raiders "Black Flag". (Image courtesy of Ebay)

From the book: Quantrill's War by Duane Schultz:

"Quantrill's RaidersThe Story of the Black Flag
The story of the Black Flag was told by some of the raiders about a Black Flag under which they rode, although others, including Frank James and Cole Younger, claimed never to have seen it. "I never saw it,' Cole Younger reported years later, but [I] heard it was destroyed." The legend may have arisen from the tale of a young Missouri woman, Annie Fickle, who in 1861 spread the word that she watned to meet Quantrill. They finally got together near a church in Sni-A-Bar Township. She lavished praise on Qunatrill and his men, proclaiming, "And ever let your battle cry be- Quantrill and Southern supremacy!"
Then she raised the eight foot pole she had carried with her and unfurled a three by five foot black banner of quilted alpaca with the name QUANTRILL stitched in bloodred thread across the center. The truth of this incident has not been verified, and there is no evidence that the banner, if it existed, was carried into battle. However, one of the guerrillas, KIT DALTON, lent credence to the tale when he wrote a book about his experiences, entitled Under The Black Flag.
Another unverified tale that became a part of the myth of Quantrill's raiders involves the Black Oath, which the men were allegedly required to swear before joining the band. Supposedly, each man was told the following:
You have voluntarily signified a desire to cast your fortunes with us. By so doing, remember that our purpose is to tear down, lay waste, despoil and kill our enemies. Mercy belongs to sycophants and emasculated soldiers. It is no part of a fighter's outfit. To us it is but a vision repugnant to our obligation and our practices. We recognize but one power to separate us in the hour of peril, and to succor one another at all hazards we have pledged ourselves more sacredly, and are bound by ties much stronger than honor can impose. With this understanding of what will be required of you, are you willing to proceed? 
If the canidate said yes, the Black Oath was read to him slowly so he could repeat each phrase aloud.
In the name of GOD and the DEVIL, one to punish, the other to reward, and by the powers of the light and darkness, good and evil, here under the black arch of heaven's avenging symbol, I pledge and consecrate my heart, my brain, my body, and my limbs, and I swear by all the powers of hell and heaven to devote my life to obedience to my superiors; that no danger or peril shall deter me from executing their orders; that I will exert every possible means in my power for extermination of Federals, Jayhawkers and their abettors; that in fighting those whose serpent trail has winnowed the fair fields and possessions of our allies and sympathizers, I will show no mercy, but strike with an avenging arm, so long as breath remains.
New recruits pledged they would never betray a comrade, even under the most diabolical of tortures and the most horrible of deaths, and would never forsake a comrade by allowing him to fall into he hands of his enemies. Should they violate any article of the oath, they would
Pray an avenging God and an unmerciful devil to tear out my heart and roast it over flames of sulphur, that my head may be split open and my brains scattered over the earth; that my body be ripped up and the bowels torn out and fed to carrion birds, that each of my limbs be broken with stones and then cut off by inches, that they may be fed to the foulest birds the air; and lastly, may my soul be given into torment that it may be submerged in melted metal and be stiffened by the fumes of hell, and may this punishment be meted out to me through all eternity, in the name of God and the Devil.Amen.
KIT DALTON wrote that the oath was used only in the group's early days and was discontinued when the outfit grew larger. Cole Younger, writing thirty years later, discredited the idea of the oath. "The Black Oath" is a myth originating in the brain of some irresponsible, badly informed and reckless chronicler. It was all new to me, and had no existence in fact. "However, this disclaimer was written in 1881, when Younger was in prison, serving the fifth year of a life sentence. He was applying for a pardon, and it is conceivable he was trying to downplay his violent past."

Black Flag - White Minority and Depression (Live)


We told you last week about the apparent code racism of Susan Hathaway and John C Hall who both advocate for raising the Black Flag of domestic terrorist William Quantrill. But tonight, we find that last week, during the FAILed Confederate Heritage rally in Washington, DC that was organized by Chadwick J Rogers under the guise of being a "Heritage Not Hate" type event, one rally participant thought that "Heritage Not Hate" meant flying the "Black Flag" as well.

Facebook profile for Michael T. Lovejoy of Xenia, Ohio. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

His name is Michael "Theresonlyone" Lovejoy of Xenia, Ohio, and he proudly hoisted the Black Flag of the domestic terrorist organization, Quantrill's Raiders.

Michael T. Lovejoy flies the flag of domestic terrorist William Quantrill at a "Heritage Not Hate" styled rally in Washington, DC. (Image copyright John Zangas)

Lovejoy was one of a very small group of Cuckfederates who trekked all the way to the Lincoln Memorial from Upper Senate Park following the FAILure of a rally to prove what badasses they are I guess. Others who made their way to the Memorial were: John C HallChadwick J Rogers and Ron Feathers (Cummings).

Michael T. Lovejoy (Center) and friends at the Lincoln Memorial with the Black Flag of Quantrill's Raiders, a domestic terrorist group. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Lovejoy has apparently decided that associating with the White Nationalist hate group the League of the South is a good idea as well. Join the club Mike.

Michael T. Lovejoy has not one, but two accounts (the second account added by LOSer President Michael Hill on Friday) added to the League of the South's Closed Facebook group. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Lovejoy got a real ribbing recently from one of the LOSer's premiere badasses Pat Hines. It's no surprise that Hines is making fast friends with Lovejoy, seeing as he is a fan of a domestic terrorist himself, Presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth who Hines wishes had killed American President Abraham Lincoln sooner, rather than later.

League of the South, South Carolina State Chairman Pat Hines gives amateur Cuckfederate Michael T. Lovejoy the ol' once-over for allowing a Rag to slip into "enemy hands". Oh the melodrama... (Images courtesy of Facebook)

Mike was even nice enough to stop and pose for a group photo before they beat feet for the Lincoln Memorial.

Group photo of Cuckfederates in Upper Senate Park. Michael T. Lovejoy is at far Right with his Black Flag. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now would be a good time to remind you that the Virginia Flaggers really, really love the Black Flag.

The Virginia Flaggers are changing hearts and minds the old fashioned way, by flying a flag of domestic terrorism. WIN! William Quantrill's Raiders flag at far Left. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


  1. And yet you remain silent regarding the atrocities of William Sherman... I rest my case.

    1. Michael Weaver, could you specify which actions of Sherman's are atrocities?

    2. How about orders to kill civilians AT RANDOM in Georgia?

      Hdqrs. Military Division of the Mississippi,
      In the Field, Rome, Ga., October 29, 1864
      Brigadier-General Watkins, Calhoun, Ga.:

      Cannot you send over about Fairmount and Adairsville, burn ten or twelve houses of known secessionists, kill a few at random, and let them know that it will be repeated every time a train is fired on from Resaca to Kingston?

      W.T. Sherman,
      Major-General, Commanding.

      The reply he received:

      Calhoun, October 30, 1864

      Major-General Sherman:

      My men killed some of those fellows two or three days since, and I had their houses burned. Watkins is not here, but I will carry out your instructions thoroughly and leave the country east of the road uninhabitable, if necessary.

      E.M. McCook,

      How about destroying hospitals -- plural -- in Meridian? (Wonder what happened to the patients....) How about the destruction of other structures that had no military significance -- hospitals, offices hotels....

      "For 5 days 10,000 men worked hard and with a will...with axes, crowbars, sledges, clawbars, and with fire, and I have no hesitation in pronouncing the work as well done. Meridian, with its depots, store-houses, arsenal, hospitals, offices, hotels, and cantonments no longer exists." -- W.T. Sherman March 6, 1864

      Of course, if it happened to Southerners, it wasn't really an atrocity, was it? What's an atrocity if it happened to anyone else is reprehensible, but it's okay to do it to Southerners, huh....


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