Confederate flag rally met by counter-protesters burning flag

Full round-up today. The racists totally had their asses handed to them in DC. They are telling everyone that they weren't run out, but video doesn't lie. Their rag was stomped on, burned, and they high-tailed it for the parking garage while 350+ Anti-Racists LOL'd.

Restoring the honor!


  1. "Counter-protesters" -- thieving, filthy-mouthed skanks, harrassing and screaming at cops and the rally-goers, exhibiting barely a shred of self-control, headed for mob violence if they hadn't been cut short -- "counter-protestors" who were shown up completely by the classy behavior of the heritage folks. They're not racists, be its easy to see that those falsely labeled racists are far and away a better bunch that these low-class "anti-racists."

    Interesting to see that you approve of theft and arson....

    1. Where did I say that I approve of it? I noted that it happened. Stealing ones personal property is a violation of law, I don't support that, but it did happen. Personally, I don't approve of the way the protesters behaved, but I don't control them, am not associated with them, and I am not speaking for them.

    2. You just showcase what they did and badmouth the people they were "protesting" and portray the protestors as right and the people they're "protesting" as in the wrong. You have absolutely CROWED about their thieving and arson. Don't change your tune now. This whole blog --with PICTURES, so the people you want targeted are easily identified -- is a "sic 'em" to those looking to do violence. My gosh, even Agnor, Durham and the LOS don't do things to stir a desire to do violence in people the way you do.

    3. I want people targeted? I think you are treading dangerously close to defamation. You might want to back off a little. The only thing that I took pleasure in was the fact that the rally was a complete and utter failure. It is a good thing no one was hurt, I don't want to see that at all. I think physical violence is a bad thing all around.


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