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That is quite the unique statement about the High School students in the aptly named Christianburg, Virginia who were suspended for being disruptive and uncooperative following being placed in detention for not following the mandatory school dress code. Here we thought Confederate Heritage was for everyone, but apparently the schools dress code only magically affects the White students. That must be like how crime is only committed by Blacks? Didn't you know that? Oh c'mon, of course you did.


“The principal of the high school said that the students were initially asked to change clothes, as they were not following dress code.
After the students refused, they were put into detention.
The students then became disruptive and uncooperative, according to the school. They were then suspended for one day.”

We've got to learn them children well by being great role models. Case in point:

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I'm sure you knew that Confederates were all talk as well, didn't you? 

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Actually, I denounce all crime, not just crime committed by one color of person. That's what rational people do.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Denouncing "all' crime is a way of avoiding the realities of the knockout game, flash mobs, and such. You actually ignore a lot of crime on your blog and showcase what you disapprove of (or who you disapprove of) that rarely if ever involves criminality You crowed about and showcased the theft and destruction of property (flag stolen and ripped up, cars keyed) by the good little guttersnipe "anti-racists" in DC while simultaneously claiming to disapprove of it.

    There are likely white supremacists more moral and upright, and far less hypocritical, than you.

    1. Can I interest you in a customized vehicle magnet? "Black on White Crime Matters"? Yes? No? Maybe so?

    2. Sure. Any no talent @ssclown can upload them and have them printed at Vistaprint. I'll even charge tax on mine.

  2. LOL ... you sincerely equate one guy kicking an amplifier -- a thing, an inanimate object -- with four or five "teens" knocking somebody -- a person, a human being -- to the ground and kicking and stomping them? Do you see why all your focus on what some people believe and say, while ignoring what other people DO, indicates a lack of, shall we say, ethical balance?

  3. "Actually, I denounce all crime, not just crime committed by one color of person. That's what rational people do."

    Too bad the mainstream media doesn't do that. Guess they're not rational.

    1. I dunno, I'm not a big fan of the media. My comment wasn't really about the media, but then again, I think you know who it was about.

  4. Yes, I do know. And you are not "color blind." Far from it. You do not denounce all crime. You ignore a lot of it.


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