Bannergate 2015: The only time Confederate Heros Matter are when a White person eats them

In the video above, Silent Susie, who found her voice all of a sudden, says that we can check the email (although they won't provide a copy) to see that the correct spelling was indeed given to the banner company who flew the misspelled banner. I think it's safe to say that Silent Susie is full of sh@t, because Susie's heavy hitter, Connie Chastain strongly suggested that the banner order was placed by phone. Hmmm... What's wrong, can't get your story straight?

Connie Chastain provides the "simplest explanation" to the Virginia Flaggers BIG TIME FLUB. (Image courtesy of Civil War Crossroads)

Oops. Goad's got a point. (Image courtesy of Civil War Crossroads)

That's awfully inconvenient. (Image courtesy of Civil War Crossroads)

"The Virginia Flaggers, who took credit for the banner on their Facebook page, said the misspelling of “heroes” was “Pilot error. We sent the right spelling. We think the point was still made.”
“This is the first time he’s ever messed up,” Grayson Jennings, a spokesman for the Virginia Flaggers, said of the pilot in an interview. “I don’t think half the people even knew he messed up.”"

Well, on that note, I think it's safe to say that Jennings is referring to the Confederate half of people on the ground. And yes, the point was made loud and clear, that y'all are dumb as a bag of rocks from Stone Mountain.

Restoring the honor!


  1. I didn't say the order was placed by phone, Bozo. I was illustrating Occam's Razor, dipstick. Can't you read? "The simplest answer is USUALLY the correct one." Not ALWAYS the correct one.

    You're not just a Bozo and a dipstick. You're a blatant liar. You say, "Connie Chastain says that the banner order was placed by phone," and then you post a screenshot PROVING that was not what I said.

    Do you ever miss your conscience?

    1. "Whoever hired the plane/banner company did so by phone"

      I'll give you the benefit of a doubt and change it to strongly suggested.

    2. Wrong again, and dishonest without the "Simplest explanation" before "Whoever...."

      Again, "strongly suggested" is wrong. I offered a possible explanation. Of course, you aren't into that approach. You're into casting aspersions and putting the worst possible spin, even when it isn't true. I can't read the words with the letters flat on the ground like that, and it was probably harder to do so in person...

      Besides, what's the significance of it of a misspelling? Black Lives "Mater" misspells their vandalism grafitti all the time.... Hypocrite.

    3. Big time flub. You're the master of overstatement, Bozo. Also the master of the false statement. LOL!

    4. I wonder if Judy Smith could read them?

      I think a price drop (aka VA GOV POS) is in order for this banner.

    5. I think the example you have given about "Black Lives Mater" graffiti strongly implies that Confederates are responsible. Y'all love them fried green maters now dontcha?

  2. You think? That just shows you're hate is so strong you'll lie to yourself.

  3. What happened to the incoherent League of the South race war post?

    1. I am a magician. Now you see it, now you don't.

    2. "That just shows you're hate is so strong you'll lie to yourself."

      YOUR making some great points, Connie. And YOU'RE inpeccable grammar certainly proves that YOUR not capaple of making an ignorant public error.


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