The Cuckfederate embarrassment continues...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)


(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Did somebody say "Flag"?

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

You mean this flag?

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

By the way, did you see the racist perp walk yet? Hilarious. 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Thanks for posting these pics. They show the heritage folks to be decent, well-behaved and honorable and the counter-protesters to be dirty, profane, gutter-minded, high-emotion, low-cognition, knee-jerk types deficient in discernment.... Downright Pavlovian... See Confederate Flag, Automatically think "Racism". How sad for them, going through life with that kind of unthinking prejudice...

    1. Did you see the ones with your pal Susie Q and her White Nationalist buddy Dennis Durham? Those were great, weren't they? Why don't you tell us that joke about how they don't know each other and that there is no connection between the Virginia Flaggers and the LOSers again... I love that one!

    2. What joke about them not knowing each other? You must be the only one who has heard that one, or else you're making it up. Besides, was Dennis there representing the League, or just there as an individual supporting heritage? See, you're evidently not smart enough to do complex thought like that.

      My observation is that the heritage community is not secessionist (although some individuals may support it) but the secessionist community as a group does support Confederate heritage. It's secondary to their primary purpose, but they do support it. I realize this is getting waaaay too complex for you to process, so I'll quit right here.

    3. Ummm, well? Let's see... Ummm, yeah... He has a LOSer t-shirt on, he's flying the LOSer flag, and he was photographed handing out LOSer propaganda. Cut the crap already, everyone knows what's going on.

      There's nothing confusing or hard to understand at all Confederate Heritage Flaggers are just third rate White Nationalists. Don't worry, we've got it.

      Denny wasn't the only one there connected to the LOSers, but you'll be finding out all about that soon.

    4. So, LOS people support heritage. I believe I said that. It doesn't mean heritage people support secession. Am I going to fast for you?

    5. Support heritage? If by that you mean Whites only then yes. The League does not like African Americans, or anyone non-White for that matter. That is an undeniable fact. I wonder if Hubert Cash or Raymond Agnor are members? If they're not, they should join, because they would fit right in.

      The League of the South is a White nationalist organization. That the Virginia Flaggers continue to pal around with their members and have crossover leads one to believe that the Virginia Flaggers support White Nationalism. I for one, am of the opinion that they do support White Nationalism.

      Who said anything at all about support for secession? Everyone knows that secession is a fairytale. What I am talking about is White Nationalism, not secession. Michael Hill will not talk about how they would form their ethnostate because he knows how unpopular the scenarios would be.

  2. Some League folks support the preservation of Confederate heritage. Boy, are you really this slow, or are yhou playing dumb to make a very nonvalid point? There are probably people who support the preservation of Confederate heritage who also support abortion, but that doesn't mean the heritage community is pro-abortion. There are some who support/don't support Israel, that doesn't make the heritage community pro- or anti-Israel.

    Your inability to see only similarities but not differences, or only differences but not similarities, makes you the worst kind of "reporter" a false propagandist lying by implication, saying things that could get people hurt or killed. Just have to hope some BLM crazy doesn't run across your site and start shooting up innocent people based on your photos.

    Secession is a fairy tale? Then the USA is a magical alternate unreality because without the Declaration of Independence -- its secession document -- it wouldn't exist. Secession -- the right of the people to alter or abolish their government when it ceased to fulfill its purpose (securing their rights) transcends governments and constitutions...You don't believe people have that right?

    BTW, why is white nationalism any worse than black nationalism or hispanic nationalism or any other kind?

  3. 1) Why would a BLM activist shoot up anyone based on what they read at my blog? I don't advocate violence, that's a sharp contrast from what you'd read on many Nationalist sites pre-Dylann Roof. (Examples: Occidental Dissent. Griffin only recently reigned in his commenters, and reluctantly I might add. CoCC Website, which was an absolute cesspool.) You are making absolutely ridiculous assertions. Please tell me something that I personally am saying that would get one hurt or killed. I have stressed on multiple occasions that I strongly condemn violence by anyone and advocate only non-violent opposition.

    2) The United States did not secede. This country was colonized.

    3) I never said one was worse than the other. I'm also against Zionism, but you wouldn't know what I am for or against.


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