Self described Board of Director of Save Our South Charles Andrew Bodenheimer goes off on an Anti-American rant on 9-11

Charles Andrew Bodenheimer tells us how he really feels. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

This is the general consensus of the hate group the League of the South. This is the embodiment of Southern Nationalism. Take a good hard look. This is what Michael Hill is building down in Killen, Alabama, deep rooted Anti-Americanism. They hate America. But not only do they hate America, they hate anyone non-White. They just call it "a love of their own".  They do not consider non-Whites "Southerners" by their definition. The "Dixie" they want to build does not include you if your skin is non-White, make no mistake about that.

The Southern Nationalist flag.

Amazingly enough, Charles Andrew Bodenheimer claims to be a Board of Director of the group Save Our South. Wow!

Restoring the honor!


  1. What is more troubling is their blatant lack of historical knowledge...and it is spreading.

  2. A lot of people in the USA thought basically the same thing about 9-11, and still do -- no, not that the people killed in the attacks got what was coming to them, but that the actions and policies of the US government resulted in the attacks. In other words, our own government did things that got Americans killed

    To love one thing does not mean hating everything else. That is a huge lie, one of the most monstrous ones told in the era of political correctness, and here you are pushing it. I'm not a bit surprised.

    Besides, what do you care? I haven't seen any particular esteem for the USA and vast numbers of Americans from you. Progressives generally don't care for the nations and countries they live in -- that's nationalism and they hate nationalism, almost as much as they hate freedom. What progressives love is totalitarian leftist government telling traditionalist folks what they cannot and must do.

    1. 1) "our own government"

      Wait, you are claiming the Federal Government in DC as your own? That's interesting. Thanks. Sounds kinda reconstructed to me...

      2) Did you hear that Mike Hill had to testify in court today about his love for his own kind? It went pretty well:

      "As part of his questioning, Hill was asked if he was responsible for tweets that went out about the time of the Baltimore riots earlier this year following the arrest and death of Freddie Gray. He said he was.
      In one, Hill warned that blacks would not fare well in a race war. He said on the stand this was due to demographics. In others, he used several racially derogatory figures of speech to describe protesters, including "pavement apes," "feral negroes," and the N word.
      "I'm just trying to be honest," Hill said on the stand of those he was referring to. "Those who are running wild in the streets.""

      I hear that testimony went over like a fart in Church.

      3) Progressive? Isn't that an insurance company?


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