Reblogged: Brad Griffin's buddy of nearly ten years, Frazier Glenn Miller, found guilty of murdering three Christians he believed were Jews

Frazier Glenn Miller gives a Sieg Heil salute after being convicted of murdering three Christians he believed were Jews. (Image courtesy of The Kansas City Star)

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This turd's day is coming fast.

Don't forget, Brad Griffin, publisher of Occidental Dissent was buddies with Miller for nearly ten years during which time Miller's obsessive digestion of content almost identical to what you will find at Griffin's blog likely contributed to driving Miller to commit murder. It was't until Dylann Roof allegedly murdered nine churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina that Griffin had kind of a change of heart. The Southern Poverty Law Center has noted Griffin and other White Nationalists silence about Miller's conviction:

"Other hate sites also seemed to be ignoring the verdict—and Miller. No mention was made of the trial on white nationalist sites such as that of the National Policy Institute, Occidental Dissent or American Renaissance." 

Brad Griffin claims to have known convicted murderer Frazier Glenn Miller since 2004. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

And who can forget that time Miller told Griffin to "Name the GD Jew more" as part of his advice prior to a League of the South rally in Richmond, Virginia?

Convicted murderer Glenn Miller's comments to White Nationalist buddy Brad Griffin just ten days prior to being arrested. (Image courtesy of VNN)

Here's some of what Brad's bud Glenn did, via the Kansas City Star:

"F. Glenn Miller Jr. calls himself a patriot. On Monday, a Johnson County jury called him something else: a murderer.
A Johnson County jury deliberated less than than two hours Monday before finding Miller guilty of capital murder in the shooting deaths of three people last year outside two Jewish facilities in Overland Park.
The 74-year-old avowed anti-Semite reacted to the verdict announcement with a Nazi salute and a “sieg heil.”
“I believe the fat lady just sang,” he said.
Acting as his own attorney Miller had argued that the shootings were justified because he was trying to stop “the Jewish genocide against the white race,” though all his victims were Christians.
The jury also found him guilty of three counts of attempted first-degree murder for shooting at other people on April 13, 2014, outside the Jewish Community Center and the Village Shalom retirement community.
Jurors convicted Miller of aggravated assault for pointing a shotgun at a woman and asking if she was Jewish. When she answered no, he put his gun away and fled.
They also found him guilty of firing numerous bullets and shotgun rounds into the community center.
Jurors began deliberating the case about 2 p.m. Monday and notified the court about 3:45 p.m. that a verdict had been reached.
As jurors filed from the courtroom after their verdicts were read by District Judge Kelly Ryan, Miller blurted out that they would have trouble sleeping.
“I hope you’re happy,” he said.
The outburst prompted Ryan to warn Miller that his “snide comments” would result in him being removed from the courtroom for the second phase of the trial, which will determine whether he is sentenced to death or to life in prison without parole.
The judge reminded Miller that the same jury he had just made comments to will be the ones deciding his sentence.

(Image courtesy of Glenn Miller)

Ryan scheduled a sentencing date of Oct. 30 on the non-capital charges for which Miller was convicted. That provoked another outburst, when Miller said, “I’d just as soon be on death row than sit around here.”
The resident of Aurora, Mo., who also is known as Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., shot and killed Terri LaManno, 53, William Corporon, 69, and Reat Underwood, 14.
In the six-day trial, Miller admitted to the killings. In his closing argument Monday, he described his beliefs that Jews were attempting to replace the white race with people of color.
To begin his argument, he wrote, “Diversity is a code word for white genocide!”on a whiteboard.
Miller said that 48 years ago, his father first instilled in him the idea that Jewish people were seeking to destroy white people.

Glenn Millers White Patriot Party. (Image courtesy of Glenn Miller)

Miller said that after years of political efforts, he decided that “armed revolution was my only option.” Miller said he had hoped he would be considered a martyr and would die “with a smile on my lips” over what he did.
In his rebuttal, Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said Miller took the lives of three people who were only trying to live peacefully.
“He wants to be the one to decide who lives and who dies,” Howe said.
Howe told jurors that a “mountain of evidence” proved that Miller was guilty of capital murder and other charges.
“Clearly his mission was to kill as many people as possible,” he said.
Miller objected, saying he was trying to kill Jews.
The penalty phase of the trial is set to begin Tuesday morning.
Howe said that the prosecution plans to call only one witness and will rely on evidence already presented to argue that Miller should be sentenced to death.
Miller then will be able to present evidence. One of the standby attorneys who is helping Miller said Miller plans to call nine witnesses. Those witnesses include members of his family, two death penalty attorneys who will testify about the relative costs of capital punishment compared with life in prison, at least one medical doctor and a man who served in the Army with Miller in Vietnam.
Miller also is expected to testify and be allowed to present articles and videos that he says helped form his opinions about Jews.

Glenn Miller leads the White Patriot Party. (Image courtesy of Glenn Miller)

Ryan also told Miller on Monday that he had “no slack left” as far as his courtroom behavior. The judge said one more instance of Miller talking to spectators or making snide comments would result in him being removed from the courtroom for the duration of the proceedings. If that were to happen, the standby lawyers would take over the defense.
Miller objected, saying it was an attempt to curtail his right of free speech.
He said that the outbursts were just part of his personality.
“I’m southern,” he said. “I don’t take things that seriously.”
Ryan said that Miller may think he is “cute” or “funny,” but he will be expected to abide by the rules of courtroom decorum.
Family members of the victims declined to comment Monday on the verdicts because the trial was not finished.”

(Image courtesy of Glenn Miller)

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Restoring the honor!


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