Raging Anti-Semite David Duke claims a Confederate Heritage group allegedly asked him to counter-protest Black Lives Matter, calls on Sons of Confederate Veterans to go all-in on White Power

Headline at Anti-Semite David Duke's website calls for the Sons of Confederate Veterans to go all-in on White Power. (Image courtesy of DavidDuke.com)

The no-good "lying" hucksters at the Southern Poverty Law Center are at it again. This time, raging Anti-Semite David Duke confirms a SPLC report published earlier this week that claims that the well known White Supremacist was allegedly asked to protest the Black Lives Matter movement by a Confederate Heritage group called the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

"Duke, in the meantime, managed to keep up his penchant for making headlines: In Baton Rouge, he was ejected from a meeting of the United Daughters of the Confederacy at a hotel on the campus of Louisiana State University. According to news accounts, he was asked to leave the gathering after getting into an argument with someone about the Black Lives Matter movement. He claimed he had been invited to speak, but meeting organizers denied that."

Official badge of the United Daughters of the  Confederacy
(Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Duke responds:

"Dr. Duke was asked by members of the Daughters of the Confederacy to counter the Black Lives Matter rally. However, the Zio media manipulated the story to make it seem as if Dr. Duke had come to LSU uninvited and unwelcome, and that the Black Lives Matter rally was to oppose Dr. Duke."

This is coming from the same man who issued empty threats to expose politicians who had close relationships with him, if Representative Steve Scalise threw him under the bus. Eventually Scalise ditched Duke while Duke stood by and did nothing. Take that for what it's worth.

Restoring the honor!


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