Neo-Nazis resurrecting the "Cuckfederate" meme from life support, taking on the Sons of Confederate Veterans in a feeble attempt to generate publicity for their racist beliefs

Headline mining the "Cuckfederate" meme at Neo-Nazi blog The Daily Stormer. (Image courtesy of the Daily Stormer)

We told you yesterday that the Cuckfederate meme is on life support. Now Neo-Nazis are trying to jump start the meme, in a half-assed attempt at creating a controversy, so they can get a whole 5 minutes of media coverage of their racist worldview. The Neo-Nazi blog Daily Stormer, which is run by Andrew Anglin, is trying to pump new life into a story about long time White Supremacist David Duke getting shut out of an event at Louisiana State University last week

Andrew Anglin, the publisher of the Neo-Nazi blog The Daily Stormer. (Image
courtesy of the SPLC)

Anglin has a history of being provocative in using his legion of 14 year old trolls to attack people he deems enemies. Now, Anglin has a new target, Thomas E. Taylor, the Commander of the Louisiana Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Anglin has published contact information and is urging his small following of Beavis and Butthead wannabe's to call and email Taylor and other Sons of Confederate Veterans members to hold "cuckold Taylor and his organization" to account. Anglin added that his troll squad should "express your concern that he is aligning himself with Black terrorists against the White race while claiming to defend White Southern heritage."

Thomas E. Taylor, the Commander of the Louisiana Division of the
Sons of Confederate Veterans. (Image courtesy of the SCV)

The article, written by Anglin, claims that a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy allegedly has circulated a letter giving an account of Taylor's role in wrecking Duke's party crashing at LSU, and which purports that the author of the letter supports Duke, a raging Anti-Semite. Anglin did not cite the source, and many believe the letter was entirely fabricated. We wrote Taylor earlier this morning for his comments on Anglin's article. This was Taylor's response:

"As you must know, fiction does not require a source. If you were to read my received email over the last couple of days you would also know it doesn't take a lot of intelligence either."

The United Daughters of the Confederacy has not responded to a request for comment.

Anglin goes on to urge his throng of braindead potheads to leave comments on a Sons of Confederate Veterans "Heritage Defense" website where he says "they make lying statements about a plan to defend the White race." 

Anglin adds, "More than I’m sick of Jews or Blacks or snackbars, I’m sick of White who are cuckolding us. And the more we fight back, the harder we resist, the further back these people move. And when they move back, we gain ground. Hail Victory." The only thing Anglin forgot was "Heil Hitler."

Elsewhere, Duke has clarified that he was invited to the school, not by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, but by students. So yeah, Andrew Anglin FAILS again.

As we noted before, the racist Far-Right could expose these Cuckfederates, but they won't because they are essentially eunuchs themselves. It's the cuckold pot, calling the cuckold kettle "Black". Instead, things will just continue as they always have where we have a two-tiered system of racism in which the hardcore racists take all of the heat while the closet racists continue to run around holding hands with African American props like HK Edgerton and proclaim that the Confederate Flag is really about "Heritage Not Hate", and that the Confederacy wasn't based on a system of White Supremacy.

Restoring the honor!


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