More of Connie Chastain's brilliant logic

(Image courtesy of the Kansas City Star)

The brilliance of Connie Chastain just shines right on through in her latest screech.

"The cowardly anonymous blogger I call De'Stroy posts dozens of images of heritage folks who are very clearly identifiable in them, and portrays them as contemptuous -- after all, they pal around with "white nationalist" League of the Southers -- although I've never known League people to be violent.
You occasionally find non-credible threats on social media by folks in our community, but there is no evidence they were made to incite anyone to violence. They're virtually always an emotional response to some outrage against heritage, tradition, Christianity, etc. I have never seen any report of actual violence that was incited by this kind of non-credible threats. The closest thing is comments encouraging physical defense against violent attacks."

Now remember, no one knew Frazier Glenn Miller to be violent either, until he murdered three Christians he believed were Jews. Browse a timeline of Miller's life below put together by the good folks at the Institute For Research & Education On Human Rights. Notice that Miller was always a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. How many ticking time bombs are being radicalized by hate groups as we speak?

Timeline: Frazier Glenn Miller – White Nationalist

(Image courtesy of the Institute For Research & Education On Human Rights)

Restoring the honor!


  1. 1.The SPLC lies for money. 2. The Council of Conservative Citizens is not the League of the South and I didn't mention the CofCC. See, this is how you lie.

    And how many racial identity thugs -- BLM, F-- Yo Flag, Black Panthers, #NoFlagging Challenge, #DestroyConfederateFlag -- have already been radicalized and are just awaiting an opportunity? Has the League ever called for murder? BLM has called for the murder of cops and white people. I guess that doesn't bother you, especially if the violence perps are black and the victims white -- and especially if they are heritage folks. You're despicable. Your lies and flame-fanning are going to set off some thug somewhere....

  2. 1) Although you recite this charge over and over, I have never once seen you point out a single lie, and I think that's because you don't know of any. Yep, as a matter of fact, I'm going to ask you to point out just one. Just one will do.

    2) I did not lie at all. I pointed out an example of exactly what I am talking about. The League of the South and the Council have a close working relationship. Here, read about it. I think that the info checks out, since it's coming from the LOSer President and the daughter of the Councils ex-leader and wife of a Board member:

    I guess now Mike Hill and Renee Griffin are in on the conspiracy to lie and make you look stupid. Sorry for that.

    4) BLM is a grassroots movement. They have been constantly maligned by the Right. Many people are calling them a terrorist organization even though they've yet to cite an example of dangerous, illegal activity carried out by the group. Here is an example. King Noble is a Black Supremacist, who I personally strongly condemn, but he is not linked to BLM at all. This is a false statement. This is why people on the Right associate BLM with "terrorism", because people on the Right are wont to believe every single blog post full of un-factual information and conspiracy theory. In a nutshell, you're all kooks and morons.

    BLM has been known to shut roads and traffic down. This, while technically being against the law is also a form of non-violent protest. I'm a little torn on my feelings about this because I support non-violent protest, but I don't support breaking the law. Clearly that action is carried out to get people's attention. Shutting down a roadway, especially during high traffic times can be very frustrating, but it forces people to be confronted with and to think about something that they typically don't give any thought to, that is, the worth of Black lives. They are not meaningless. Blacks are not animals as one Virginia Flagger seems to think, who deserve to be "put down like the dogs that they are". ALL LIVES MATTER.

    I do not know much about F Yo Flag, so I won't comment on that group because I don't know any particulars. The Black Panthers are a hate group and are labeled as such by the "lying" SPLC. I condemn that hate group.

    The No Flagging Challenge is a hashtag, not an organization. I don't think you understand modern technology works. Anyone can start a hashtag and become an inspiration, but that does not mean that they are all OK. The No Flagging Hashtag clearly was started to advocate for breaking the law. I condemn this hashtag, and any law breaking such as stealing people's personal property.

    3) The organization no, individual members of the organization yes.

    4) You keep saying this over and over, which strikes me as odd. I think you're the one who is going to set someone off with your vitriolic hate. I will pray for you, and I'm not even a religious person.

    5) You did not make a single good point. That's because you don't have any.

  3. Again, the League is not the CofCC. The League is not the CofCC. No matter what you try to do to conflate them, if you SAY you're talking about the League and the switch to what the CofCC said or did, you are lying.

    1. Who said the CoCC is the League? Not me. I never claimed any such thing. I pointed out an example of something that the CoCC did and I said that they share a working relationship based on the statements of movers and shakers within the groups.

      No one is conflating anything, I gave an example of a hate group who until recently was spewing venomous hate speech, and who was directly implicated in the manifesto of an alleged mass murderer as being one of the chief sources of the motivation for the killings. We haven't seen anything like that out of the League of the South yet. The key word being yet. We didn't see any violence out of Frazier Glenn Miller, Anders Brevik, Wade Michael Page, and countless other radicalized hate group members for a long time either. There was no lie, only your failed understanding of what the word lie means.

  4. I didn't say the hashtag users were an organization. I said they are thugs. See, that's another way you just lied -- putting words in my mouth.It is just as truthful to imply that the people who use those hashtags are thugs as it is for you to imply that the League of the South is the CofCC. A "close working relationship" (however you define it) does not make one org into another org. It is a lie to conflate them the way you are doing. That is how your blog works... the lies are implications.

    The SPLC lies for money; they are not reliable. They don't even write objectively.

    BLM cheerleaders are making videos and such encouraging murder "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon."

    You condemn any law breaking such as stealing people's personal property? But you crowed about it when it happened at the D.C. rally. Liar.

    Examining what you do is not vitriolic hate. What YOU do is vitriolic hate. What you and your alter-egos do on your blogs with recycled content is to portray certain people as worthy of being attacked. Why else do you do it? How else do you expect your readers to react? "Oh, that fellow is a racist? Okay, ho-hum." No, that is NOT the effect you are going for.

    1. 1) Fair enough, you didn't say that, equally fair is I didn't say that the CoCC is the League. They are separate organizations for sure, but they share many members and even leaders. They are very closely related so stop pretending they are not. Your buddy Brad is one of the leading voices in both organizations, even though they took the keys away and gave them to someone else. Brad has been relegated to playing in the crib, while the big boys make all of the decisions, it would seem.

      2) There you go again. You still have not stated one lie. The SPLC is not a media organization, they are a watchdog group. They don't have to be objective, and neither do I.

      3) Well, personally I think that Black Lives Matter is actually doing themselves a disservice by not more forcefully combatting bold faced lies that are being stated about them on blogs pretending to be media organizations. I don't agree with everything that Black Lives Matter has done, but they are not a terrorist organization. The "Pigs in a blanket" chant was disputed by the organization as not having to do with the murder of police officers, but was about equal justice for police officers. Their own explanation was that "Fry 'em like bacon" simply meant that they (police) should be punished just like any other citizen when they are found to have committed a crime. If that is really what was meant by it (and I have no way of knowing, just like you) then it is unfair for them to be characterized as calling for the murder of police officers. Either way, personally I feel I that was a very poor choice of words.

      4) Crowed about it? I thought it was hilarious that the rally was such a dismal failure. I still think that the protesters they encountered sent a very loud message that your racism is not wanted and you are not welcome. I do condemn law breaking and I don't agree with the idea that people should be entering other persons personal property and stealing flags, etc.. I don't see anything wrong with people using curse words on signs or in them shouting them at you in a public setting. I do not feel that makes them degenerates. That is called First Amendment protected speech. Apparently, they are not entitled to it. If you don't want to face opposition, don't come out in public and create spectacles. I don't know any of those people. I have never spoken with any of them. I haven't even seen any evidence that they read this blog. I don't speak for them. I don't control them. I also don't agree with their tactics at combatting your hatred and have spoken out against it. I'm not sure what further there is for me to do about it?

      5) I don't expect my readers to react in any fashion.

    2. I said something about the League and you replied with something about the CofCC to challenge me. Doesn't work. They're not the same organization.

      So the SPLC and you are not objectively presenting facts. Thanks for finally admitting your bias, but we already knew.

      The BLM "explanation" doesn't cut the mustard with me.

      Just because it's protected speech that doesn't mean it isn't degenerate speech. It was obscene and filthy, and it gives a perfect glimpse into the gutter minds of the speakers -- ah, screamers. Barely controlled screamers. Near mob. I know you don't see any thing wrong with gutter language, you're mind is in the gutter with them. If they want to scream obscenities, I'm not saying they aren't entitledl to do it. I'm saying with minds that low in the gutter, they don't have the moral authority to criticize.

      You don't know, you don't agree, you just showcase it on your blog. umhmm....

      What do you expect? Why do you blog?

    3. 1) Sorry about that! I didn't realize my responses had to fit your criteria. LOL. The CoCC and the League are both hate groups. They admittedly work together and are linked by overlapping membership. The only thing you have proven by pointing this out is what a moron you are.

      2) I never said we weren't, I said we don't have to.

      3) How about the ketchup?

      4) I didn't realize you were the Guardian of morality. I thought that was our job?

      5) Becuz I can.


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