Is it possible to love the Union and honor the Confederacy simultaneously? Heck no says LOSer Mark Thomey

Anti-American LOSer Mark Thomey (Image courtesy
of the League of the South)

Mark Thomey is pissed. I mean, he is really pissed! Let me tell you, if you are a friend of America, you're no friend of Mark Thomey.

Shannon Fontaine (Image courtesy of Facebook)

And Shannon Fontaine is no friend of Mark Thomey, trust me. Get a load of this:

Here is Thomey's speech referenced above:

Or if you'd prefer, you can read the transcript:

WOW! Fontaine is just a tad bit naive as half of his friends list is aligned with the LOSers.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

I think the "stone polishers" they are referring to are the Sons of Confederate Veterans. And yet, they still support the LOSers.

Restoring the honor!


  1. You do realize, don't you, that your expecting all heritage advocates to think exactly alike about everything is .... bigotry.

    1. Why don't you tell me what else I think since you're the expert.


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