Is @Cuckfederate just losing steam, or have White Nationalists given up on Confederate Heritage?

The latest post by @Cuckfederate. Our hopes for this Twitter account have been dashed by inaction. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

We knew that this Twitter account was all bluster when it started. Piss and vinegar and blah, blah, blah. All talk, no action. Now, it looks like it does't even have the desire to go on any further. The last post was on September 5, 2015. Well, you know, Foosball season has started, and all of the HARDCORE Cuckfederates have predictably melted away en masse. Now, White Nationalists are begging people to show up to their recruiting sessions disguised as Confederate Heritage rallies. Pretty pathetic really. 

White Nationalist Dennis Durham mad cuz no one wants to play for team #WhitePower. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

These clowns could only muster approximately 100 Cuckfederates for a MASSIVE Confederate Heritage rally in Washington, DC, which by the way, ended as a complete disaster. We saw this coming actually. White Nationalists started the @Cuckfederate Twitter just for their own amusement. There was never really any desire to do anything about the Cuckfederate problem, that is, all of the big time Confederate talkers who don't translate all of the chest puffing into any action at all. I mean sure, the SCV talks, and talks, and talks about protecting Confederate Heritage, but what has that joke of an organization accomplished lately? Besides embarrassment, not much. Then you have flagging groups. Do we even want to go there? All they do is raise flags on private property and stand around on street corners supposedly "changing hearts and minds". Whatever. Honestly, the biggest thing to hit Confederate Heritage in a long time is Dylann Roof. We knew that the White Nationalists didn't intend to do anything about the Cuckfederates when they started this Twitter. It was just a feeble attempt in shaming these clowns into telling the world that deep down, they're really White Supremacists too. Well, we all know that's never going to happen, because they're in it for the long haul. And heck, what is going on with White Nationalism anyway? What have those idiots accomplished lately? Some of their biggest talkers have been almost mute as of late. Whattup wit dat? It's a sad state of affairs all around.

Honestly, we predicted that this effort wasn't going anywhere. The Cuckfederates are terrified of being found out that their buddies are White Supremacists, and as usual, their White Power buddies are all talk. The only time the White Power crowd is ever successful with anything resembling action, is when they gun down innocent people. Sure, they could really bring down total embarrassment on the Cuckfederates by revealing just how closely the two "movements" (for lack of a better word) work together, but what will that do? Once a Cuckfederate, always a Cuckfederate. I guess it doesn't really matter anyway, because we all know it all too well. It's just sad that people who are basically in agreement on all things politically have to put on this stupid dog and pony show. I mean, what's the point? Maybe it's just time @Cuckfederate s***s, or gets off the pot?

Restoring the honor!


  1. "Cuckfederate" -- made up silliness, hasn't caught on but with a handful of haters such as yourself.So much for influencing the language of the popular cutlure, loser.

    1. What do I care? It's your pals word, not mine.

    2. You're in deep doo-doo now. The Nazis are after Cuckfederates like yourself now.

  2. You've made it yours by using it. Yawn.

    1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, they're coming for you......

      Lucky for you guys the Neo-Nazis are just as stupid.


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