Fired LOSer Josh Doggrell fighting in court for his job has sudden amnesia: "I would choose the League over my job"

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

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(Image courtesy of Facebook)

He must have forgotten to un-join their Facebook group. Ooops! 

"Hill said he is responsible for content on the organization's website, Facebook and Twitter pages. "Sometimes it gets a little wild," he said of comments made on website articles.
As part of his questioning, Hill was asked if he was responsible for tweets that went out about the time of the Baltimore riots earlier this year following the arrest and death of Freddie Gray. He said he was.
In one, Hill warned that blacks would not fare well in a race war. He said on the stand this was due to demographics. In others, he used several racially derogatory figures of speech to describe protesters, including "pavement apes," "feral negroes," and the N word.
"I'm just trying to be honest," Hill said on the stand of those he was referring to. "Those who are running wild in the streets."
When asked about the Southern Poverty Law Center, Hill called the organization "disreputable," saying that it was common knowledge that Doggrell was a member and that he gave a speech to the group more than two years before he was fired."

This must be the message of love they are referring to?

Restoring the honor!


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