Connie Chastain embodies the absurd

Oh look. Somebody standing on a rug. No big deal. (Image courtesy of Backsass)

What? Are we supposed to throw a hissy fit or something?

Connie Chastain's rant. It's like a bridge to nowhere. (Image courtesy of Backsass)

It's just a piece of cloth. It has no bearing on my life in any way. You may feel free to do with it what you will, and I will be comfortable in knowing that it doesn't affect me in any way. Your post does nothing but underline the absurdity that are your beliefs. You lose your sh*t over a piece of cloth. A piece of cloth! Think about that for a second. Well guess what? I don't really care what you do to any flag. IT'S JUST CLOTH! Love you Sweet Pea. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. The Confederate flag is also just a piece of cloth then; so what's your problem with it?

    1. You can burn the Confederate flag and the American flag together for all I care, just like Gay Marriage, it won't change my life at all. I don't burn flags, nor do I advocate for it, but when others choose to do it, I really could care less.


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