Washington, DC Confederate Flag Rally FAIL Photo Gallery

DC sends a message loud and clear to racists who assembled in Upper Senate Park just steps from Union Station in Washington, DC on September 5, 2015.

This photo essay of yesterdays MAJOR FAIL of a rally in DC are courtesy of a reader of the blog who wishes to remain anonymous. Thanks very much. We're told there is video footage on the way of this clusterf***. Can't wait!

Hit the road jack, and dontcha come back no more!

Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack

Restoring the honor!


  1. The Confederate flag rally failed the way Christopher McKnight of Cincinnati failed....

  2. The rally was a total and utter FAILure. End of story. It was supposed to go until 4pm, but tweets from people inside Union Station show that they were heading to their vehicles at around 1:30pm, that's 2.5 hours prior to the planned end of the rally. 1,300+ people indicated they were going. No more than 100 showed up.

  3. Behaving prudently in response to a hostile, threatening situation is not FAIL

    Good for the ones who were not able to go; turns out it was held in an urban danger zone with harassment and threats by filthy, repugnant people whose self-control was barely maintained, as the video clearly showed. .

    I think the ones who attended and left early showed a lot of wisdom. No telling what would have happened to them if they'd stayed longer and given the mob time to work itself into a frenzy of violence. The heritage folks with their decency and restraint shamed their all-emotion, no-cogntion, no-self-control harassers.

    Your frenzied, happy crowing over this is telling. One can only guess what heights of sheer euphoria you would have reached if one or more heritage folks had been injured, beaten, stabbed by that hate-filled mob ....

    1. I don't rejoice in people being physically harmed. Don't pretend to know what I think because you don't.

    2. Well, you must (depending, of course, on who they are). You spend a lot of time online doing things that would encourage it.

    3. Really? I "must be"? Can you explain to me how I am encouraging physical violence?

      I'm going to tell you right now that personally I think that those who would use violence to oppose your racism are foolish. You might not be surprised to know that I am sure there are many people who would disagree with that, but I am my own person and I don't take cues from anyone.

      Providing a mirror for you to look in is much more effective, IMO. I think you know that I don't want there to be any violence, I think what's really going on is you want to see me silenced because of how damaging this blog is to your feeble "movement".

    4. Not even good excuses. Who are you to hold a mirror up to anyone? I suggest you start with the man (or woman, or whatevah you are) in YOUR mirror. (I suspect there are white supremacists who are morally superior to you and your comrades.)

      No, your explanation is a cock and bull story if I ever heard one. You take way too much derisive pleasure in what you do. You want people you disapprove of harmed.


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