Code Racism: The Black Flag of William Quantrill rides again at FAILed Washington, DC Confederate Heritage rally

We told you last week about the apparent code racism of Susan Hathaway and John C Hall who both advocate for raising the Black Flag of domestic terrorist William Quantrill. But tonight, we find that last week, during the FAILed Confederate Heritage rally in Washington, DC that was organized by Chadwick J Rogers under the guise of being a "Heritage Not Hate" type event, one rally participant thought that "Heritage Not Hate" meant flying the "Black Flag" as well.

Facebook profile for Michael T. Lovejoy of Xenia, Ohio. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

His name is Michael "Theresonlyone" Lovejoy of Xenia, Ohio, and he proudly hoisted the Black Flag of the domestic terrorist organization, Quantrill's Raiders.

Michael T. Lovejoy flies the flag of domestic terrorist William Quantrill at a "Heritage Not Hate" styled rally in Washington, DC. (Image copyright John Zangas)

Lovejoy was one of a very small group of Cuckfederates who trekked all the way to the Lincoln Memorial from Upper Senate Park following the FAILure of a rally to prove what badasses they are I guess. Others who made their way to the Memorial were: John C Hall, Chadwick J Rogers and Ron Feathers (Cummings).

Michael T. Lovejoy (Center) and friends at the Lincoln Memorial with the Black Flag of Quantrill's Raiders, a domestic terrorist group. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Lovejoy has apparently decided that associating with the White Nationalist hate group the League of the South is a good idea as well. Join the club Mike.

Michael T. Lovejoy has not one, but two accounts (the second account added by LOSer President Michael Hill on Friday) added to the League of the South's Closed Facebook group. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Lovejoy got a real ribbing recently from one of the LOSer's premiere badasses Pat Hines. It's no surprise that Hines is making fast friends with Lovejoy, seeing as he is a fan of a domestic terrorist himself, Presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth who Hines wishes had killed American President Abraham Lincoln sooner, rather than later.

League of the South, South Carolina State Chairman Pat Hines gives amateur Cuckfederate Michael T. Lovejoy the ol' once-over for allowing a Rag to slip into "enemy hands". Oh the melodrama... (Images courtesy of Facebook)

Mike was even nice enough to stop and pose for a group photo before they beat feet for the Lincoln Memorial.

Group photo of Cuckfederates in Upper Senate Park. Michael T. Lovejoy is at far Right with his Black Flag. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now would be a good time to remind you that the Virginia Flaggers really, really love the Black Flag.

The Virginia Flaggers are changing hearts and minds the old fashioned way, by flying a flag of domestic terrorism. WIN! William Quantrill's Raiders flag at far Left. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


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