"Business is brisk" for the Virginia Flaggers, but what about the sales tax?

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It's no secret that Confederate Heritage Activists (CHA's) have great disdain for the United States Federal Government and/or the authority of State and local Government entities as well. They are currently applauding the disruptive and uncooperative behavior of 21 High School students in Christianburg, Virginia, a move they believe is akin to standing up for Confederate Heritage. We can't help but wonder how far CHA's are willing to go to show their disapproval for Government authority. Would they go so far as to cheat the Federal, State, and local Governments out of tax revenue? We don't know. But we do think it is a legitimate question to ask.

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The Virginia Flaggers and their associates have been very enterprising as of late. They recently announced a car donation charity scheme to raise money for hate flags. The problem is, they aren't a charity, and their "cause" is not worthy of charitable donations. From what we have heard, charity fraud is a serious problem in the United States, which can be easily reported here at the Federal Trade Commission webpage. We're just glad that no one we know is involved in any activity like that!

Virginia Flagger merch. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

The CHA's have recently been promoting the sale all sorts of merchandise (T-shirts, stickers, flags, etc.) on Facebook and in person at events such as the Field Day of the Past, King William County Fest, and the Hanover Tomato Festival.

Virginia Flaggers merch table at the 2015 King William County Fest. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

The question however seems to be, are the CHA's withholding and remitting tax revenue to the various Government entities responsible for collecting those revenues? That's a good question. We can imagine that at some point the tax man is going to come looking for his share if he is not already receiving it. This gives us a great opportunity to bring up another serious problem in the United States, tax fraud. Tax fraud can luckily be reported very easily at the Internal Revenue Service website if you ever come across that type of thing.

Multiple CHA's collectively hock their wares for profit at the Hanover Tomato Festival. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now don't worry, because the money is being well spent to defend Confederate Heritage including taking the obvious step and having a banner flown behind a plane, because "Confederate "Heros" Matter".

Money well spent. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

And how better to show it than at two miles high? Better donate now because the Confederate Air Force requires funds to keep flying high!

Confederate "Heros" Matter y'all! (Image courtesy of

Now, if car donations and the usual assortment of merch isn't your cup of tea, you can always support Confederate Heritage the old fashioned way, with a car magnet that reads "VA GOV POS". We're not positive, but you may still be able to get it in the limited edition Sons of Confederate Veterans version if you act fast.

Unlicensed vehicle magnet design bearing the symbol and name of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. (Image courtesy of Civil War Crossroads)

New and improved vehicle magnet design. Now legal in one State! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now, we're not even entirely sure that CHA's like the Virginia Flaggers or Crossed Brush Studio are even responsible to remit sales tax to the Government as they may be exempt by the structure of their business, or, errr, non-profit organization???

Susan Hathaway stakes out a unique position on what the Virginia Flaggers are. (Image courtesy of Gmail)

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings -
What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?

Restoring the honor!


  1. What does it do for you to lie like this? You know any "warm fuzzies of moral superiority you get" from lying are vain, empty and pathetic, don't you? If you have no evidence of tax fraud, you're the fraud, you know?

    1. Have you heard of tax fraud? If so, you'd better click that link and report it.

    2. Report what? That I've heard of tax fraud? Most people have. Do you mean have I heard of a specific incident of it happening? No, I haven't. Should I report that?

      What does the rot inside you feel like, I wonder....

    3. What do you want on your Confederate Hero? I'm next in line. Nom, nom, nom. LOL!!!

  2. So you are accusing the VaFlaggers of tax fraud on the basis of your hallucinations about Confederate heritage? Do you have evidence of it? No? Then you're slandering and libeling by implication based on nothing but your hate and bigotry.

    And just our of curiosity, have you ever tsk-tsked over the tax cheating of, say, your fellow anti-racist Al Sharpton? As an anti-racist and conservative-hater, you approve of the Obama Administration, right? Including the 41 different Obama admin officials who have been identified as tax cheats, owing over $840 million in back taxes? PRESIDENTIAL OFFICIALS. TAX CHEATS. No? You haven't blogged about that because you don't care if "anti-racists" are haters, guttersnipes, tax cheats. You imply guilt by Confederate heritage people because you twist, hallucinate and "link-n-tie" to make them racists so you can justify your hatred for them.

    You get more and more clownish with every post. You show who the real haters are, Bozo, and you are a ring leader.

    Enjoy your three-ring circus of hate.


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