Brisk Business: Great News! The Super Limited Edition Sons of Confederate Veterans "VA GOV POS" vehicle magnets apparently made it into production

(Image courtesy of Civil War Crossroads)

Last week, we told you about a Super Limited Edition version of vehicle magnets that were being advertised for sale by the Virginia Flaggers. The magnets read "VA GOV POS" and also included the name "Sons of Confederate Veterans" as well as the groups official emblem. It was reported elsewhere that the Virginia Flaggers were reprimanded by the Sons of Confederate Veterans for the item. Then, the artist who designed the vehicle magnets (and was reportedly selling them for $20 each, a price drop from the original price of $25) redesigned the magnets to remove all links to the Sons of Confederate Veterans. At the time, we wrote to the Sons of Confederate Veterans to see how they felt about the merchandise, and to inquire if it was officially licensed and sanctioned. Michael L. Landree, the Executive Director of the group had this to say:

"No, the SCV does not have a licensing agreement with the Virginia Flaggers, Crossed Brush Studios, nor Judy Smith and we were not aware of this item.  I clicked the link and the content was removed, so therefore I can’t comment on the validity of the item or the message.  Taking your word for the content, the SCV would not condone this message."

We thought that was the end of this story. We were wrong. Tonight, it looks as though the original Sons of Confederate Veterans design DID make it to press, and they are apparently available for purchase. Better act fast! 

(Image courtesy of Civil War Crossroads)

(Image courtesy of Civil War Crossroads)

(Image courtesy of Civil War Crossroads)

(See more images of the vehicles adorned with the unofficial Sons of Confederate Veterans merchandise at the Judy Smith Photography Facebook page here.)

It is shameful that the good name of the Sons of Confederate Veterans would be soiled in such a fashion, by those who would link it to vulgarity. We denounce the production, sale and public display of this unauthorized merchandise. We are also publicly calling on the Sons of Confederate Veterans to send a forceful message to those who would mock Confederate Heritage in such a way, to cease and desist from producing, making available for purchase, and displaying these despicable vehicle magnets. 

The copyright and trademark disclaimers at the Sons of Confederate Veterans webpage. (Image courtesy of the Sons of Confederate Veterans)

This is also going to be a huge test for the SCV, as Confederate Heritage groups generally will go to great lengths to keep the peace between one another at all costs, but if the SCV doesn't tamp this down now, what is to stop anyone from appropriating their name and emblem and exploiting them for personal gain? We have written to the SCV once again seeking comment, but the SCV has thus far surprisingly declined to comment on the controversy.

Restoring the honor!


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