Brisk Business: Despicable "Confederate Heritage" group linked to White Nationalism uses tragic death of Confederate Heritage activist to raise money

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Have they no shame? Nope.

Image depicting a woman identified only as "Crystal" who apparently died in a tragic car accident. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

The group "Central VA Confederate Flag Rallies" is currently pumping a Go Fund Me campaign started by Jess Blevins of Fredericksburg, Virginia. In 3 days the campaign has only raised $30 of the needed $5,000. The campaign has had only two contributors, both connected to the group.

Go Fund Me campaign started by Confederate Heritage Activist Jess Blevins. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

According to a description on the Go Fund Me page, which was dubbed the "S.O.U.T.H. Rally Fund":

"The purpose of this is to raise badly needed resources to conduct our rallies. 100 percent of the funds will be used for flags, van rentals, flyers, signs, shirts, etc. All funds will be used to support the growth of our rallies. We must counter an ever growing and fully funded opposition to our heritage and way of life." 

I don't know about "badly needing" money, but you losers definitely "badly need" people!

S.O.U.T.H. Rally Facebook event page. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

What the group isn't telling you is that they are trying to capitalize on the tragic death of a Confederate Heritage activist to raise funds to support rallies, so that a White Nationalist named Dennis Durham can recruit members of the unsuspecting public for the hate group the League of the South.

S.O.U.T.H. Rally hosts including hate group member Dennis Durham. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Facebook post for a rally dubbed the "S.O.U.T.H. Stafford Rally" to be held on October 16th, which bears the image of a deceased woman. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Apparently, the group needs the public to give them money in the memory of the deceased Confederate Heritage activist named Crystal so they can keep this going:

Look at what your hard earned money can buy you. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now we know that we're probably going to catch some flack for even bringing up that the group is trying to capitalize on the tragic death of a human being for financial gain, but tell us, are we in the wrong for telling you about it, or are they in the wrong for doing it? What a bunch of sickos!

Pink Floyd - Money

Restoring the honor!


  1. You're so selective in your hate. Black Lives Matter (which exists because of black deaths) fundraising -- money donations, T-shirt sales, blah blah blah -- apparently doesn't bother you. But you ignore or spit on the notion of fundraising by heritage folks for food donations, or on donations of food to food banks by the same people. You are soooo selective in who you aim your hate toward.... And you either (1) don't see it or (2) don't care.

    1. No, I just think this is one of the lowest, most pathetic, and non-empathetic moves ever. I'd really like to believe they care about the woman who died, but I just can't. If they wanted to raise money for the family or the survivor of the crash, they could have done that, but that's not what they did. Instead, they are using her death (I guess in their sick, twisted minds) to try and raise money so Dirty Denny can hand out Free Magnolias.

    2. Your twists, spins, imagination and assumptions, not to mention your hypocrisy, will get you in trouble some day. One of the lowest, most pathetic, and non-empathetic moves ever was when Alison Parker's alleged father got on TV just days after her death to push for gun control.

      You don't know these people. You are not omniscient and you cannot read minds. You do not know that they are insincere; your hatred for Southern heritage folks is feeding your prejudice and bigotry.

  2. Also says they're doing it for relief of the fiance's medical expenses.... You skimmed right over that.

    1. Oh my goodness! You're so right. How ever did I miss that? Why, oh why did I focus on "100 percent of the funds will be used for flags, van rentals, flyers, signs, shirts, etc. All funds will be used to support the growth of our rallies"?

    2. Actually, the Go Fund Me does not mention anything about the couple, it's only on the Facebook page for the rally named on the Go Fund Me page that you find any mention of the couple. I have no issue with food drives, coat drives, or raising money to benefit people who need medical attention and have a financial need. Honestly, and I'm being completely honest, I think this is tragic. I don't know much about the accident, but I definitely offer my condolences to the family, for the loss of a loved ones life, and wish the injured person a speedy recovery. What I have a problem with is dressing up Dirty Denny's continued spreading of his groups White Nationalist message at "Heritage" events and the group linking this rally to the tragic death of this person. I think that's pretty despicable. If you want to help people in need, help people in need, but don't tie the two together because you're a scumbag who wants to hide behind charity as your "racist" shield. That's bs.

    3. Your "honesty" isn't worth a plug nickel to me.

  3. She was evidently a member of the group and supported their heritage efforts. What would have been despicable would've been for the group to ignore the tragedy. You're just looking for something you can use to drum up hatred for people who see things differently than you do.

    1. I'm fine with people seeing things differently then me. What I'm not cool with is people linking their group to the tragic death of a human being. If you don't think that's despicable then fine, but I don't agree with you. You know as well as I do that group is connected through Dennis Durham to the League of the South. Denny's on candid camera at your (no not YOURS, figure of speech) "Heritage" events handing out propaganda. Look, if you guys support White Nationalism, that's fine, but don't pretend that you don't if you do. Just own it.

  4. Nice try. The money that we are raising is for her fiancee, that was involved in the accident that claimed her life.

    1. Oh wow. I see. It's really confusing.

      Wouldn't you say?


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