Bannergate 2015: Oh the irony...

(Image courtesy of Civil War Crossroads)

It's almost too much to take.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Confederates can be pretty good at spelling, when they want to be. Other times, not so much.

"On Saturday, for instance, a left-leaning group called the Virginia Defenders gathered at Richmond’s Jefferson Davis memorial on Monument Avenue to protest the routes planned by the Union Cycliste International World Road Championships races that are garnering global attention.
The routes have competing bicyclists zip past various Confederate statues, including Davis, where bikers make a turn before heading to the finish line. But on Saturday, as the protesters were giving talks broadcast over a loudspeaker, the steady drone of a small aircraft could be heard.
As it circled the memorial, the plane towed a banner of the battle flag along with a sign stating: “Confederates Heros (sic) Matter.” The misspelling was apparent, as was the bitingly sarcastic allusion to the “Black Lives Matter” slogan used nationally to protest police slayings of African Americans.
Taking credit for the stunt was a group called the Virginia Flaggers, which has sparked controversy by erecting huge Confederate flags next to busy Interstate 95 near Stafford and Chesterfield.
The misspelling made the Flaggers look illiterate, but they quickly capitalized on the mistake, which they blamed on the aircraft pilot. They later Photoshopped the correct spelling of “Heroes” on an image they posted on the Web page along with denouncements of “Neo-Yankees in RVA” and beyond the Richmond area. Using the global draw of the bike race, they reached an audience that was previously unimaginable."

(Image courtesy of the Virginia State Corporation Commission)

Restoring the honor!


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