Arlene Barnum accuses the media of downplaying Black participation in a "Confederate Heritage" rally in Batesville, Arkansas, while she downplays the participation of a White Nationalist hate group

Agent provocateur, and real life Black photo prop for White racists Arlene Barnum is accusing the news media of downplaying the participation of Black Confederate Heritage activists in a "Heritage" rally that took place in Batesville, Arkansas, while at the same time she is downplaying the participation of a White Nationalist hate group in the same rally.

Arlene Barnum accuses KUAR reporter Jacob Kauffman of writing a "hit piece". (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Barnum writes

"Arkansas local news media tried scrub black confederate participation from the confederate rally held in Batesville, AR. Just to be clear, there were 2 black confederate supporters who spoke at that rally. However, KUAR portrayed this rally was an all-white nationalist racist event. The 2 black confederate participants were myself, Arlene Barnum & Andrew Duncomb - both who are from Oklahoma.
Its seems that the best way to paint any southern movement or organization as racist, is for the news media to delete or ignore black participation or contribution. It's little wonder that blacks are having difficulty is finding their southern lineage. The hit piece that was aimed at this confederate rally, was authored by Jacob Kauffman. Here is the link to what he wrote: 
Date of this event was Sept 12, 2015, located outside of Independence County Courthouse in Batesville, AR. Purpose of the rally was to help get confederate battle flag restore on flag pole at confederate veterans memorial. The confederate memorial is on the courthouse lawn."

Black Confederate Heritage activist Arlene Barnum says she agrees with a White Nationalist hate group. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

From the KUAR report:

"National attention over Confederate imagery has subsided in recent weeks but a victory for flag advocates in Arkansas emerged this month and a battle over Little Rock's Confederate Boulevard remains.
A force behind the successful resurrection of a Confederate-era flag on the Independence Courthouse lawn in Batesville earlier this month is thanking the participation of the secessionist League of the South, which hopes to create a white, Christian nation. However, some participants say they weren’t knowledgeable about the LOS presence.
An e-mail from the Arkansas Sons of Confederate Veterans dispatched in mid-September to members thanked nine Confederate-related organizations “for the return of the Stars and Bars in Batesville.” 
The Arkansas League of the South, a decidedly future-oriented organization, was among the heritage groups lauded. Arkansas LOS Chair R.G. Miller and member Nick Fitzpatrick were named in the celebratory e-mail."

The Arkansas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans congratulates participants in a "Confederate Heritage" rally including White Nationalist hate group members. (Image courtesy of the Arkansas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans)

Additionally, Kauffman notes:

"The Arkansas Sons of Confederate Veterans Northeast Brigade Commander John Malloy, who organized much of the Batesville operation, declined to speak about the role of the League of the South in restoring the First Arkansas National Flag (created at the time of Southern secession) to the courthouse but offered that the flag is a retrospective symbol for “Southern patriots."
"The subject matter behind the Stars and Bars now flying at the Independence County courthouse is the Confederacy,” said Malloy in an e-mail."

Arkansas League of the South Chairman R.G. Miller (R). (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now would be a good time to remind you, and Barnum, that the League of the South is not a racist organization. See for yourself:

Daniel Wilson participates in an Arkansas League of the South "Heritage" rally. Wilson is also wearing a LOSer shirt and holding both a LOSer flag and a Rebel flag. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

See, doesn't he look nice and professional? Hold-up. Wardrobe change. (Pun intended!)

Arkansas League of the South rally participant Daniel Wilson dresses for success. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Note: The two photos above of Daniel Wilson were not taken at the Batesville, Arkansas rally but are relevant because these are the types of people who make up the League of the South. When you see the group in public wearing Polos and khakis, just remember, yesterday they may have been giving a Sieg Heil salute in front of a burning cross dressed in a Ku Klux Klan robe.)


We received a few replies to our inquiries about this event. First was John Malloy:

"I have absolutely no idea who organized the Batesville demonstration. The Sons of Confederate Veterans own the flagpole and have nothing to do with the League of the South. The Batesville SCV was definitely not at the demonstration.
 My role as the leader of the local small group of the SCV has been to simply restore the correct Civil War flag, the Arkansas First National, to the pole.  This particular flag was chosen to honor the memory of the first citizen (in history) from Independence County to be killed in military action.  On August 10, 1861, Pvt Job S. Neill and 270 other Arkansans & Missourians died at the Battle of Wilson's Creek, Missouri while fighting under the Arkansas First National flag..  Our SCV camp in Batesville is named after Job Neill.  He is buried at Oaklawn Cemetery in Batesville and we tend his grave.. 
Your inquiry is appreciated.  Be assured that the Sons of Confederate Veterans have had nothing to do with any outside groups.  I know next to nothing about the League of the South and have never been contacted by any LOS leader.  I certainly do not want to ever be contacted by them. 
Cmdr John R. Malloy"

The Arkansas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans was also kind enough to reply:

"We do not condone the League of the South at all. As Editor of the Arkansas Toothpick, I asked someone who was at the event to let me know who all was there when the flag went back up and that is what I did. I was not there and I have no idea who organized the event. I only reported what I was told by someone who was there 
Ron Kelley 
White Hall, AR"

Restoring the honor!


  1. Why wouldn't blacks participate in the confederate rally held in Batesville? After all that flag is representative of the racist history and heritage of their DemoKKKratic owners and masters, past and present. At least they have a connection to that heritage so maybe they are able to identify with it in some way but I cannot.

    I am a slave-servant to God so I celebrate the history, heritage and equality of all of us being one in Christ where there is neither Jew or Gentile, black or white.

    1. Lee, If that's directed at me, I think you're asking the wrong person.

    2. Lee you have to remember, or in your probable case learn, that the Dems of the 1860's who fought for slavery are not today the Republicans. And the Lincoln Republicans are today's Dems. You see there was this little thing called the Depression that cause a shift in the ideologies of the parties.

    3. They don't care about that, just like they don't care that it was the second era Klan (almost exclusively) that loved the American flag.


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