Alabama Flagger Co-Director Freda Mincey says she may file slander on a man who asked her group not to attend a Heritage event because of their association with a hate group

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Should have stuck with your Anti-Hate Group policy. Unfortunately, this is the type of thing that happens when you take bad advice from a narcissist with a Napoleon complex

Restoring the honor!


  1. LOL! This is what you're reduced to? Slow news day for drumming up hate for others, huh...

    1. Reduced? Not even close. I hear that DC was a total cluster today. We will be delving into that tomorrow.

    2. Connie's friend and racist CPA from Dublin, Ga. John C. Hall, Jr. got his flag ripped up and burnt and he did nothing to stop it. So much for all his bluster towards me including a death threat sent to me through the mail.

    3. I would love to see the death threat. If you feel like removing all identifiers, forward it to me. I would not post it without your permission, but I would definitely love to see it. Johnny wants to be the star of another SPLC Intelligence Report cover. I hope they don't give him one just because it's what he wants. He begged for the SPLC to talk about him at the rally we are told. What a doofus.

    4. I'd like to see it, too. Corey is a pathological liar, so let's just say I won't believe it until I see it. Even if John said something that Corey can construe that way, it doesn't mean that's what John intended. Floggers are notorious about deliberately misinterpreting what we say. Simpson's' the High Master of that, but all do it.

      Corey is also another one who wants to see violence done to heritage people. He would love nothing more than for John to have physically tried to save his flag and then get beaten to a bloody pulp by the sweet, loving, tolerant "counter-protestors." He's mentioned John not trying to save his flag elsewhere. He WANTS to see BLM-style violence done to heritage folks.

    5. Well I have not seen it.

      You really should be more careful making such definitive statements about people sans evidence of which you have provided none.


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