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Happiness in Slavery: The Virginia Flaggers find common cause with controversial Reverend, Herman White

That's Reverend Herman White. He's a friend of our friends, the Virginia Flaggers. They have been working with Mr. White quite frequently. And why not? I'm sure they agree on a lot.

Via the New York Times:

(Originally Published: November 16, 1998)

"ARCHDALE, N.C., Nov. 15— Leaders of the state N.A.A.C.P. are deciding whether to file a formal complaint with a college over a course that asserts that most slaves were happy in captivity and that many served as loyal Southern soldiers.Leaders of the state National Association for the Advancement of Colored People threatened to file the complaint after reviewing the nine-week class at Randolph Community College.''How is the college letting this happen?'' asked Wyatt Kirk, chairman of the state committee of the Commission on Civil Rights.Mr. Kirk said the committee's 13 members will review the course's teachings at its quarterly meeting.The state N.A.A.C.P. chairman, Melvin Alston, said his organizatio…

The Softball Game: Chris Thomas of WWBT NBC 12 tosses Virginia Flagger Grayson Jennings a softball to knock out of the park,

Chris Thomas of WWBT NBC 12offered up another softball pitch for Virginia Flagger Grayson Jennings to knock out of the park.

""I think we told you it wasn't a threat it was a promise," Grayson Jennings with the Virginia Flaggers said. "We are keeping with our promise.""It was misused," Jennings said. "Hijacked, if you will, by some hate groups.""

Wait, you mean hate groups as in the kind your group associates with?You guys do know a thing or two about threats though, right?

""Lets not promote these loser traitorous cowards who fought to defend a system of slavery," Phil Wilayto with the Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality said. "That's wrong.""

"Chris Bowyer allowed the group to place the flag in the backyard. "It's beautiful," Bowyer, who claims he had one goal in mind, said. "Raise awareness for what the flag really means and try to do away with the hate.""

The Softball Game: Newsradio 1140 WRVA throws Virginia Flagger "hot dog" Barry Isenhour a softball interview

The news media NEVER ask the Virginia Flaggers any tough questions, such as, "Why does one of the Virginia Flaggers Battle Flags fly on the property of a man who thinks Blacks should be put down like dogs?"

Restoring the honor!

Brisk Business: Looks like those "VA GOV POS" Super Limited, Sons of Confederate Veterans Edition vehicle magnets weren't so limited after all

The Sons of Confederate Veterans have gone silent. Can you imagine? The good news. Now that they have green lighted open season on copyright infringement of their name and emblem, it looks like anyone can create Sons of Confederate Veteransbranded merchandise. We can't help but wonder who is running the "Heritage" show. Is it Charles Kelly Barrow, or is it Silent Susie? I think we know. We will be reaching out to the Sons of Confederate Veterans again to get their take on this unauthorized merchandise which we hear you may be able to get duty free.

Restoring the honor!

Is it possible to love the Union and honor the Confederacy simultaneously? Heck no says LOSer Mark Thomey

Mark Thomey is pissed. I mean, he is really pissed! Let me tell you, if you are a friend of America, you're no friend of Mark Thomey.

And Shannon Fontaine is no friend of Mark Thomey, trust me. Get a load of this:

Here is Thomey's speech referenced above:

Or if you'd prefer, you can read the transcript:

Brisk Business: Despicable "Confederate Heritage" group linked to White Nationalism uses tragic death of Confederate Heritage activist to raise money

Have they no shame? Nope.

The group "Central VA Confederate Flag Rallies" is currently pumping a Go Fund Me campaign started by Jess Blevinsof Fredericksburg, Virginia. In 3 days the campaign has only raised $30 of the needed $5,000. The campaign has had only two contributors, both connected to the group.

According to a description on the Go Fund Me page, which was dubbed the "S.O.U.T.H. Rally Fund":

"The purpose of this is to raise badly needed resources to conduct our rallies. 100 percent of the funds will be used for flags, van rentals, flyers, signs, shirts, etc. All funds will be used to support the growth of our rallies. We must counter an ever growing and fully funded opposition to our heritage and way of life." 

I don't know about "badly needing" money, but you losers definitely "badly need" people!

What the group isn't telling you is that they are trying to capitalize on the tragic death of aConfederate Heritage activi…

Happy 4th Birthday Vagina Flaggers!

Just think, this is Flag #12. How long will it take for them to raise their first 1,000?

Restoring the honor!

Arlene Barnum accuses the media of downplaying Black participation in a "Confederate Heritage" rally in Batesville, Arkansas, while she downplays the participation of a White Nationalist hate group

Agent provocateur, and real life Black photo prop for White racists Arlene Barnum is accusing the news media of downplaying the participation of Black Confederate Heritage activists in a "Heritage" rally that took place in Batesville, Arkansas, while at the same time she is downplaying the participation of a White Nationalist hate group in the same rally.

Barnum writes

"Arkansas local news media tried scrub black confederate participation from the confederate rally held in Batesville, AR. Just to be clear, there were 2 black confederate supporters who spoke at that rally. However, KUAR portrayed this rally was an all-white nationalist racist event. The 2 black confederate participants were myself, Arlene Barnum & Andrew Duncomb - both who are from Oklahoma.Its seems that the best way to paint any southern movement or organization as racist, is for the news media to delete or ignore black participation or contribution. It's little wonder that blacks are having …