Virginia Flagger Hubert Wayne Cash: "I have learned that most but by no means all blacks are a worthless bunch of freeloading, dangerous, animals that should be put down like the dogs they are."

Hubert Wayne Cash (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Meet Hubert Wayne Cash. Before you go any further, don't forget, it's about "Heritage Not Hate"! Now, we found this little nugget after taking Anti-Racist activist Connie Chastain's advice and checking out this story at the wonderful Anti-Racist blog Stop Hate Crimes.:

Hubert Wayne Cash has some rather nice things to say about his good friends, the African Americans. (Image courtesy of Disqus)

"Over time and many years I learned to avoid contact with blacks and as a result my feelings of dislike faded to a general live and let live attitude. In the past several years (maybe a little longer) I have learned that most but by no means all blacks are a worthless bunch of freeloading, dangerous, animals that should be put down like the dogs they are. My opinion of the black race is dismal at best and getting worse."

That Hubert, he cracks me up! Cash even has some real life Black Confederate Heritage friends too like Karen Cooper and Teresa Roane, just to prove how much he doesn't hate them all. Don't worry, he's not talking about them, they are them, there "good kind" of Blacks. LOL!

Black people Hubert Wayne Cash can tolerate.
(Image courtesy of Facebook)


"The Confederate battle flag atop an 80-foot pole in southern Stafford can be seen by I–95 motorists passing the Falmouth exit.
“It took my breath away . . . what is this telling me about where I live?” asked Eunice Hagler of Virginia Organizing, a nonpartisan statewide grassroots organization.
Hagler is also a member of the Fredericksburg Area Race Relations Coalition, a group that recently formed out of concern for 2014’s events in Ferguson, Mo.
Hagler said the coalition plans to have a discussion about the Stafford flag soon. But personally, she said she wants it removed.
“I think about everything that that flag encompasses, and everything that has happened recently, with all of this brutality,” Hagler said. “For me, it is all kind of linked together. It seems that we have come a long way, but have we really?”
The flagpole was planted on Hubert Cash’s land in southern Stafford last year after a group called the Virginia Flaggers put up another Confederate battle flag off I–95 in Chesterfield.
Cash, whose social media sites indicate that he is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, declined to comment on why the flag was erected, saying that several media outlets have treated him like a “toothless hick.”
“We are beginning to realize we are part of this social experiment here of some sort. The flag will fly and it will stay there,” Cash said.
Bill West, whose name is listed as the applicant on the Stafford permit to erect the flag, said the Virginia Flaggers won’t comment because members think it is disrespectful that focus has been placed on the flag when people have been hurt. 
Other Virginia Flaggers officials didn’t respond to requests for comment.
The Virginia Flaggers recently posted a message on its website by Michael Givens, the past head of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
“Why must you and I be punished for the actions of a madman? Our Confederate ancestors would have condemned this man and his actions as we do today,” Givens wrote in the post.
Another post on the Virginia Flaggers website calls McAuliffe’s recent action a “discriminatory assault on Virginia’s rich Confederate history and heritage.”"

Now, now. That whole toothless part may have been a little over the top. But that's not all folks, we found another one:

Hubert Wayne Cash poses with a real, live Black person. He's wearing a Virginia Flaggers laminate too! She doesn't even look comfortable standing next to an Anti-Racist activist like Hubert. What up with that? (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Well, that settles it. It really is about "Heritage Not Hate". LOL!!!

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


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