White Nationalist Cuckfederates attempt to leverage the tragic Roanoke shooting to advance their White Supremacist agenda

White Nationalist blog Occidental Dissent uses a tragedy to advance the White Power agenda. (Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

(Note: We at this blog mourn the loss of all life, regardless of the deceased's beliefs. We strongly condemn any and all violent and hateful acts. While we understand that anyone can find motivation in anything, our policy is one of peace and non-hatred, especially for the subjects of the posts at this blog. We harbor no ill will towards anyone covered on this blog and advocate nothing other than non-violent protest. We offer our most sincere sympathy and condolences to all who lost loved ones in the Roanoke and Charleston shootings. Violence is never the answer. Peace.)

Many opportunistic White Nationalists have been doing cartwheels ever since a gay, Black man shot and killed two former co-workers and seriously injured a third in Roanoke, Virginia. Some White Nationalists, like Brad Griffin, the publisher of the hate blog Occidental Dissen, have called for the removal of the Rainbow Flag, a universal symbol of the homosexual struggle for Civil Rights simply because Vester Lee Flanagan, the gunman, reportedly had a Rainbow Flag in his apartment. They are trying desperately, and failing miserably, to ignite a movement to remove the flag in much the same way that the Confederate Flag came under fire after the murder of nine innocent African American churchgoers by an alleged White Nationalist in Charleston, South Carolina. The difference is that the Confederate Flag has always been a symbol of White Supremacy, an ideology that Charleston shooter Dylann Roof was apparently motivated by. Here is what one of the designers of the original Confederate flag (which was incorporated into the design of the Rebel flag we are all familiar with today) had to say about the flag:

“As a people we are fighting to maintain the heavenly ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause. Such a flag would be a suitable emblem of our young confederacy, and sustained by the brave hearts and strong arms of the south, it would soon take rank among the proudest ensigns of the nations, and be hailed by the civilized world as the White man's flag.” 
William Tappan Thompson

Dylann Roof, a man who allegedly murdered nine innocent African American churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina. (Image courtesy of Think Progress)

Some White Nationalists, like Michael Cushman, a former Neo-Nazi hate group member have gone as far as attacking the Southern Poverty Law Center, claiming that the hate group watchdog has a "hateful Anti-White ideology". Cushman also labeled the Roanoke shooter as an "Anti-Racist", apparently an attempt to smear true Anti-Racists. Unfortunately for Cushman, Flanagan was not an Anti-Racist, and there is no evidence he is connected to Anti-Racists. Thus far, there have been no links between Flanagan and any groups or movements, unlike Charleston shooter Dylann Roof who claimed he was inspired by content he found on the hate group the Council of Conservative Citizens webpage, a page run (until recently) by White Nationalist Kyle Rogers. Additionally, the Southern Poverty Law Center does not espouse hateful and violent rhetoric, unlike the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South.

(Image courtesy of Southern Future)

Now, one hate group that both bloggers are, or were members of, the League of the South is trying to use this "opportunity" to give the appearance that the latest shooting is part of an ongoing "race war", reports Vocativ

"Race war" Threat Level Orange. Oh-no's! (Image courtesy of Vocativ)

Restoring the honor!


  1. "....our policy is one of peace and non-hatred, especially for the subjects of the posts at this blog. We harbor no ill will towards anyone covered on this blog and advocate nothing other than non-violent protest."

    Baloney. Your whole blog is geared to demonizing people, promoting guilt by association and generally drumming up hatred for heritage folks. You may claim your "policy" is one of peace and non-hatred, but your personal animus for heritage folks comes through loud and clear. The glee with which make your accusations and "report " your crap, most of which is either false or inconsequential, proves your animosity for these folks. You are like Simpson ... you will not be happy until one or more folks in the heritage community are injured or killed, or otherwise harmed (by vandalism, lost of job, expulsion from school, etc.) There are probably white supes more magnanimous to minorities than you are to the people you hold up for hatred and ridicule on your blog.

    1. I do not have personal animus for anyone, yourself included. Again you have stated that I report "false" information, even though you've yet to cite a single example. You falsely claim that I want to see people harmed, when I want no such thing. What is clear, is that as you inch closer and closer to death in the twilight of your life, you are growing increasingly bitter and hateful. Bah humbug.

    2. Yes, you have personal animus for the people you trash, slander and lie about on this blog. It's not just obvious. It is conspicuous. The hate-filled "Kruger" meme is all the proof needed, but it is certainly not all the proof there is. (The "closer to death" and "twilight of your life" are also motivated largely by hatred and a desire to hurt... which, in this case, didn't work.)

      Yes, you report false information. It is false to imply that because Person A, a white nationalist/supremacist (you evidently consider them to be synonymous) supports the Confederate flag, that means B, anybody and everybody who supports Confederate heritage, is a white supremacist. Promoting that lie is what your whole hate-blog is all about. It doesn't exist for any other reason.

      What is clear is that you know absolutely nothing about me. I'm enjoying this time of my life. You're just projecting; because what you care passionately about requires you to hate, or engenders hatred in you, you imagine it's that way for everyone. That's not the case with me. I care passionately about the my region, the South, my heritage and culture, and my people; and I defend them vigorously. One difference between me and you is that I have no desire to drum up hatred for you or anyone. I haven't made an attack blog like you and Simpson and some others -- in fact, as I have noted numerous times, I defend or counter-attack. That means there must first be an attack for me to respond to, see? It's that simple. Check Backsass, and you will see that with very few exceptions, everything I post is a response to an attack by your fellow haters, or you.

      What's really pathetic is to see people of any age but especially young people who are ideologically obsessed with creating hatred for certain people and groups. It is the kind of incitement you produce that results in off duty cops getting murdered while pumping gas, or a morning TV news crew getting gunned down because the gunman perceived "racism" where there was none.

      Perhaps because you are ideologically blinded, you perceive hatred and bitterness instead of what's really there, justifiable anger and defense/counter attack. I also suspect that a sizable motive for flogger hate and attacks on Southern heritage is ... envy.

    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRtW1MAZ32M

  2. William Tappan Thompson...
    ...did not design any Confederate flag.

    1. "Here is what one of the designers of the original Confederate flag (which was incorporated into the design of the Rebel flag we are all familiar with today) had to say about the flag"

      Emphasis on "Designers", plural. How would you describe Thompson's contribution?

    2. "How would you describe Thompson's contribution?"


      The only evidence that Thompson had anything to do with designing a Confederate flag comes from Thompson. No one else mentions him.


      “Charleston, S.C., April 24, 1863.

      To Hon. C. J. Villere [Confederate House of Representatives]:

      Why change our battle flag, consecrated by the best blood of our country on so many battle fields? A good design for the national flag would be the present battle flag as a Union Jack, and the rest all white or all blue.

      G. T. Beauregard.”

      Charleston Mercury, May 7, 1863


      “Richmond, Saturday, May 2 ….Gen Beauregard suggested the flag just adopted, or else a field of blue in place of the white.”

      Charleston Mercury (Richmond correspondence), May 5, 1863


      "it would soon take rank among the proudest ensigns of the nations, and be hailed by the civilized world as the White man's flag.”

      Members of the Flag and Seal Committee in the Confederate House of Representatives described the white field as representing "purity and truth" and not "white man's flag."

      Confederate House of Representatives, May 1, 1863-

      Alexander Boteler (VA)- "Mr. Boteler said that borders were unusual on flags, but if the House determined to adopt one, let it be in conformity with the laws of heraldry. Some gentlemen, he observed, smile at this remark, but he would remind them that our flag should not be open to the criticism of the world. The border should occupy one-tenth of the flag. As to the color, that should also have meaning. If we adopted blue, it would be said that our affairs looked blue. The white in the flag signified purity and truth, and the border should be red, to embalm the recollection of those brave men who had shed their blood on the borders of the country in its defence."

      Peter W. Gray (TX)- "Mr Gray, of Texas, hoped the House would adopt the flag adopted by the Senate, with the blue bar stricken out. Then we would have the battle flag, of glorious memories, and a white field, signifying purity, truth and freedom. He was opposed to the adoption of a border of blood."

      Richmond Whig, May 5, 1863

    3. I would concede that the word "designer" is a bit strong. Thompson is generally credited as being a co-designer of the Stainless Banner. I am researching your claim and have found some contradictory information. Once I sort out the facts I plan to amend this post.


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