White man arrested for vandalizing Nathan Bedford Forrest monument in Memphis, Tennessee, despite overwhelming disdain by Southerners who think African Americans are solely responsible

"Leo Awgowhat" aka Jason Wells arrested for allegedly vandalizing
a Confederate Memorial. (Image courtesy of The Commercial
Appeal Memphis)

According to The Commercial Appeal Memphis, there has been an arrest in the vandalism of a Nathan Bedford Forrest monument in Memphis, Tennessee:

"Longshot Memphis mayoral candidate Leo Awgowhat was arrested Friday in connection with the vandalism of the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue in Health Sciences Park.
Awgowhat, 43, was charged with desecration of a venerated object and trespass or injury to a cemetery property, said Memphis police spokesman Louis Brownlee. 
Overnight Thursday, the words “Aw Go What” were painted on both sides of the statue’s base. 
An affidavit said Awgowhat told investigators one of his "multiple personalities" named "Awgo" came up with the idea. He denied "direct participation." He said he believed one of four people was responsible, the affidavit said."

"He was booked into Shelby County Jail Friday afternoon and is scheduled to appear in court at 8:30 a.m. Monday, according to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office website.
The incident occurred two days after the City Council voted to remove the politically charged monument to the Confederate officer from Health Sciences Park and 10 days after someone painted “Black Lives Matter’’ on the front of the statue’s base. Statue admirers had quickly scrubbed clean the monument after the earlier act of vandalism.
According to a Memphis Police incident report, an officer spotted the vandalism at 1:34 a.m. Friday during his directed patrol of the park on Union at Manassas. Campus police told Memphis officers they spotted the vandalism after their shift started at 11:30 p.m. Thursday.
Formerly known as Jason Wells, Awgowhat has been charged with minor crimes or infractions at least seven times in Shelby County since 2002.  He pleaded guilty in 2010 to misdemeanor possession of marijuana following his arrest at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center where he allegedly chest-bumped a security guard who had asked him to leave. 
Awgowhat currently is under indictment for possession of marijuana following an incident last year in which officers allegedly found him in a car smoking a marijuana cigarette.
Despite Tuesday’s 11-1 vote by the City Council, the statue’s future in unclear. Removing it from the city park may require permission from the Tennessee Historical Commission, which next meets in October."

(Image courtesy of Backsass)

Makes you wonder why there is so much hostility towards African Americans by the Confederate Heritage crowd and White Supremacists when White people have been found repeatedly to be the culprit? Cuckfederates think this a Blacks only problem and are quick to call these "hate crimes" before they even know the facts. Fact is, this is a White man. How's that for a "hate crime"?

(Image courtesy of Backsass)

A Virginia Tech Professor named Kurt Luther is tracking all of these Confederate Monument vandalisms on a new web page here. To date, there have been 34 vandalisms in 10 States.

Scott "Rooster" Hamby of Jackson, Mississippi. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

"Heritage Not Hate"

Scott "Rooster" Hamby, a White man with an apparent reading impediment, denigrates African
Americans for a Confederate Monument vandalism despite a White man being arrested for the
crime. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Additionally, we would like to go on the record as saying that we at this blog believe in the rule of law in the United States. We think that these vandalisms are unnecessary and unfortunate. We denounce any and all perpetrators of these criminal acts of vandalism. Regardless of what Race or color the perpetrators of these crimes are found to be, we denounce any and all calls for violence as a form of retaliation, especially so, in cases where it is still being investigated and no perpetrator has been found. 

Restoring the honor! 


  1. "Makes you wonder why there is so much hostility towards African Americans by the Confederate Heritage crowd and White Supremacists when White people have been found repeatedly to be the culprit?"

    The culprit of what? The "so much" hostility is an invention of your imagination because you don't look at anything else. BTW, are you aware that "hate crimes" are sometimes false and hoaxes, perpetrated by blacks, gays, etc?

    There's no such thing as a cuckfederate.
    Heritage folks know perfectly well that this isn't a "blacks only" problem.
    Despite which, a significant number of heritage attacks are perpetrated by blacks.
    Most of the official efforts to attack, say, monuments by removal, are spearheaded by black elected officials and/or NAACP members.
    Although white perps are certainly involved, the idea is pushed that Confederate heritage should be attacked and erased on behalf of blacks who are offended by it.

    The comment on my blog conspicuously does not say, "You see more and more instances of BLACKS ONLY telling people...." So you lie by deliberate misintepretation. That's what your whole hate blog is -- focusing selectively only on that which you can misconstrue....

    So you're belatedly developing a conscience, huh? Believe in the rule of law? You certainly don't believe in truth, candor and honesty, so this belated homage to the rule of law is guffaw-worthy.

    1. I did not lie at all. You were not singled out by that comment. It was a generalization, and based on the comments left by "Confederates" at many different corners of the internet a on this topic, I am correct. Did you hear that one Confederate suggested lynching African American students because he didn't like their opinion? I know you did, because you commented on it last year. Your efforts are futile.

    2. It is good you put "Confederates" in irony quotes, because not everyone who pretends to support Confederate heritage actually does -- but I don't think that was your reason for using the quote marks. So your generalization is based on how many comments by how many "Confederates" as opposed to say, how many are in the entire movement? You realize what you post on your hateblog is a vanishingly small percentage of the heritage community, don't you? (And some of them aren't actually part of the heritage movement.) Just out of curiosity, what is it that appeals to you about trying to smear multitudes of good, decent people with a tiny percentage of not good, not decent people? What does that do for you?

    3. No one is being smeared. Groups like the Virginia Flaggers talk a good talk, but at the end of the day they do and say absolutely nothing to restore any honor (if there is any to be restored). I've challenged you before, and I will do it again, please cite just one example of a smear. Just one will suffice. I would like to address my supposed smears. So please, go ahead and give us just one example now so that I can address it.

  2. "Believe in the rule of law? You certainly don't believe in truth, candor and honesty"

    How's this for some truth, candor and honesty?

    Virginia Flagger Hubert Wayne Cash sez:

    "I have learned that most but by no means all blacks are a worthless bunch of freeloading, dangerous, animals that should be put down like the dogs they are."


    Will that work for you?


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