Tinfoil Hattery: Will they ever find the men who "murdered" Anthony Hervey?

Arlene Barnum "likes" a Facebook post suggesting Anthony Hervey was murdered despite the fact there is no evidence that occurred. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Actually, the Police investigation found no evidence of a second vehicle, and even another eyewitness could not confirm it. The only evidence we have that it happened at all was Arlene Barnum's recollection. Although many Southern Heritage advocates reported that the vehicle Hervey and Barnum were riding in had been forced off the road, no evidence was found to support that. Barnum's own account calls that into question as well. We're just going to leave that there.

As far as Bodenheimer's response to the tinfoil hatter, sounds like another typical, weak Cuckfederate response to us. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. "Found no evidence" isn't exactly the same think as knowing positively that evidence does not exist, and something did or did not happen. Things can happen without creating evidence; or evidence can be overlooked or mistaken or misinterpreted. Having said that, I think people have these thoughts about Hervey's death precisely because the police response is so mealy-mouthed; they think there really isn't anything to contradict Ms. Barnum's account, and prove it wrong without a doubt, so they believe it.

    It's amazing what you choose to focus on.

    1. Please elaborate on Connie Chastains idea of a correct Police response. I'm not sure what they should have done besides investigate the accident?

    2. What is it about "no evidence found does not mean that evidence does not exist" that you can't grasp? That is why the MHP has asked the public's help with info about the other vehicle. If it was an absolute certainty that the other vehicle did not exist, they wouldn't be asking about it.

    3. I do get it. What we are discussing are the "Confederates" who know for a fact that something occurred that has not been proven to have occurred. That's not me, that's you guys. Now, why don't you go have a talk with your "community" of tinfoil hatters, because I'm not the one that gets my news from anonymous blogs with clear agendas and Fox News. It's not me that believes in Jade Helm and Chemtrails. Mmmmkay....


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