@thevaflaggers melts down while I extend an offer

@thevaflaggers has a major thrombo. (Image courtesy of SouthsideCentral)

Susan Hathaway, the leader of the Virginia Flaggers has had what appears to be a meltdown over our blog coverage of the group. Hathaway, or someone with the authority to speak for Hathaway has posted a conniption fit in the comments section at a blog called SouthsideCentral. The crux of the matter is that the Flaggers are extremely perturbed because we are constantly posting really inconvenient but true facts that they are having a hard time denying. As usual, they are leveling the same old tired, worn out charge, that they are being defamed. Yeah, right. That's why you haven't sued me. The fact of the matter is that the meat and potatoes of the blog is factual. The rest is my opinion and snarky satire. Last time I checked, it wasn't illegal to post true facts, your own opinion, or satirical commentary.

(Image courtesy of SouthsideCentral)

Take for instance the comments of Virginia Flagger Hubert Wayne Cash:

"Over time and many years I learned to avoid contact with blacks and as a result my feelings of dislike faded to a general live and let live attitude. In the past several years (maybe a little longer) I have learned that most but by no means all blacks are a worthless bunch of freeloading, dangerous, animals that should be put down like the dogs they are. My opinion of the black race is dismal at best and getting worse."

Blogger SouthsideCentral asks the same question that's on everyone's mind, "Have the Virginia Flaggers condemned Cashs' remarks?" If they have, we haven't seen it, and neither has the public. And why would they condemn his remarks anyway? There's nothing hateful about them, right? Maybe it's really just the fact that one of Susie's big, offensive hate flags is flying on Hubert's land? Yeah, I think that might be it.

(Image courtesy of SouthsideCentral)

Well, tonight I'm going to extend the same invitation to @thevaflaggers that was extended to Connie Chastain. If you are being defamed, then by all means, please cite specific examples. My aim is not to defame. Show me some defamation and I will remove it. The comments are all yours, have at it.

Meltdown - live in Washington D.C., 1996


Connie Chastain casually excuses Virginia Flaggers Hubert Wayne Cashs' racist screed on Blacks. (Image courtesy of SouthsideCentral)

Need we say more?

Restoring the honor!


  1. Meltdown? Looks like she's telling the truth about you. How's that a meltdown? The fact is, you DO try to perpetrate the false notion of guilt by association and focusing solely on similarities but completely ignoring differences. You have a meltdown over somebody's personal preferences for whom they associate with and call it "racism" while completely ignoring Black Lives Matter inspired punks shooting off-duty white cops in the back of the head and calling for the wholesale murder of whites and cops. Yet you can't even see your moral lapses...

    1. First off, you have no idea what I pay attention to and what I ignore because the only thing you know about me is what you read on this blog. Allow me to turn your own logic around on you, if I may. Just because you didn't read it here doesn't mean I haven't an opinion on it. Capisce? Secondly, there is no "false notion of guilt by association".

      When will the Virginia Flaggers acknowledge one of their owns disgusting, racist comments and condemn his hate speech? Or do the Virginia Flaggers agree that Blacks are like animals that should be put down?

    2. The flaggers don't condemn anyone's hateful speech...they ignore it an hope it goes away...or they agree with it with their silence.

    3. Your position is eerily similar to my own, and I can imagine anyone else who considers the facts.

      It's been pointed out several times that we have no idea what the Flaggers are saying in private about a many number of things. Interesting logic to follow that saying things no one can hear is the same as making a public statement. It reminds me of that old saying "If a tree falls in the forest..."

  2. I'm glad to provide the venue for you to discuss these issue.

    Bruce Hedrick

    1. Thanks, but no thanks. The discussion can be had here. Take care.


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