The Virginia Flaggers raise 4th Confederate hate Flag in Danville, Virginia

(Image courtesy of WSET)

The Virginia Flaggers have raised a 4th Confederate Flag in Danville, Virginia. The group of professional agitators operates like a bunch of spoiled rotten children, who throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way and the symbols of hate that they covet so much are removed from public spaces, where they offend people who understand the true meaning. WSET reports:

"Danville, VA - Two more prominent Confederate flags were raised in Danville Saturday.  This makes four total constructed by Richmond-based group "Virginia Flaggers" just this month.
This all started when City Council removed the Confederate flag outside the Danville museum.  When that decision was made just three weeks ago, the group vowed hundreds more would take its place.  While they have a ways to go to make that goal, group leaders say these flags are the start of a movement.
"The heritage that my grandfather passed to me that fought those low-down, invading, murdering, raping, looting, burning, heathens from the north." That's what Herman White says motivated him to be the guest speaker at two separate Confederate flag dedication ceremonies in Danville.

Apparent Neo-Nazi William Milstead and LOSer Kevin Walker support the
Virginia Flaggers Danville hate flag. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Around a hundred flag supporters were at the passionate events marked by cheers, song, and prayer.
"We love people; we don't hate people.  If there's someone that hates, they're serving the wrong master," said White.
The flags fly on small portions of private property, which owners lease to the Flaggers which erects and maintains the flags.
Beverly Richardson owns the land at the corner of Piedmont and Memorial drive where one new flag is highly visible to drivers on the Robertson Bridge.
"Looks like the state, federal, and local governments are trying to take all our liberties and rights and I'm just fighting for them," said Richardson.
Another new flag was also dedicated at a home right along Highway 29.  ABC-13 spoke with several neighbors in both areas who all said they respect the owners' right to fly the flags 30 feet above their neighborhoods.
"This is America and I believe people should have freedom of speech," said one neighbor. 

Beverly Richardson's Danville, Virginia neighbor supports a Confederate hate Flag being raised by the Virginia Flaggers.  (Image courtesy of Facebook)

The Flaggers hope more Danville residents will feel the same, as they say these flags are just the beginning.
And members of the Virginia Flaggers say they believe the Confederate flag will fly at the Danville Museum again.  Their hope is that Council will sell the museum to private owners who would restore the monument."

The lines between Confederate Heritage and Hate Groups are becoming increasingly blurred to the point of being indistinguishable from each other. There is much crossover between membership and they are increasingly working together on rallies and street demonstrations. This is the reason for the warring and infighting between the two groups with Heritage types denying any connection between their efforts and Hate Groups, but the proof is in the pudding.

Restoring the honor!


  1. "The lines between Confederate Heritage and Hate Groups are becoming increasingly blurred to the point of being indistinguishable from each other."

    In your hallucinations.

    1. Oh no! I'm hallucinating again:

    2. Yes, it is your hallucination -- or, more likely, a deliberate and knowing lie -- that the League is a hate group.

    3. Especially for you sugar plum:

      You're in for a really special treat next!

  2. BTW, there's some factual errors in your post...

    1. Help me out, I will correct them. If there is an actual error, it is unintentional.


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