The FALSE, FALSE Narrative: Occidental Dissent mis-reports story about Applebees altercation in Winter Haven, Florida

Occidental Dissent headline claims man is beaten over a Confederate Flag dispute.
(Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

Occidental Dissent, like many other "Far Right-Wing" outlets, are falsely reporting that an altercation in an Applebees restaurant in Winter Haven, Florida was sparked over a dispute about a Confederate Flag. The problem is of course, that besides questionable tinfoil hattery styled blogs, there are no credible news sources that we can find that are reporting that the dispute had anything to do with a Confederate Flag. The claim was likely fabricated, but then again, facts don't matter to people like Brad Griffin who are trying to spin a "False Narrative".

The Tampa Tribune is reporting the story just a little differently than Occidental Dissent:

"Winter Haven police said they have arrested the two suspects seen on video attacking a man at an Applebee’s restaurant early Tuesday.
Police say Daryon S. Jones Jr. and Eric L. Davis, both 31 and from Winter Haven, turned themselves in today in Bartow.
Both men are facing misdemeanor battery charges.
The men were identified by a tip through Heartland Crime Stoppers after credit card information was obtained through Applebee’s.
About 1:50 a.m., the victim, a 30-year-old man, was sitting in the bar area of the restaurant, 201 Cypress Gardens Blvd., when he got into a verbal altercation with the suspects. The argument got more heated, and the manager stepped in, police said.
It appeared the suspects were going to leave the restaurant, but when the victim headed towards the door, one of the suspects jumped him and began punching and kicking him. The other suspect, who had walked outside, came back in and joined in the assault. police said.
The altercation lasted about 20 seconds until the manager broke up the fight. The victim sustained only minor injuries and required no medical attention, police said.Both suspects have a criminal history, including previous drug and gun charges, police said."

The Tampa Tribune story makes no mention of a Confederate Flag at all. Griffin has a history of reporting stories in a misleading manner to support his own "False Narrative". Griffin, like others, is likely trying to create animosity and hatred towards the Black population in the United States by giving false accounts of actual events. Recently, Griffin suggested that White Confederate Flag supporters would be justified in taking the life of counter-protesters.

As we recently noted, some people think that the reason that blogs like Occidental Dissent are falsely reporting these stories, is to "rile up" White Confederate Flag supporters who are generally racist anyway, in an attempt to spark a race war, something Griffin appears to be itching for.

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